A Chill Time in the Carolinas: Autumn in the Wilmington Area

October 13, 2021

Part of our appeal here at Brunswick Forest is that you’ll get to experience all four seasons. Year-round mild temperatures in the greater Wilmington area allow you to get out and stay comfortably active for longer. You can find a lot to do here during Autumn such as kayaking, fishing, biking, jogging, and even going to the beach. Without a doubt, Autumn is a great time to be active in… [Read More…]

Plenty To Do with An Active Lifestyle: Resident Activities

August 16, 2021

An active lifestyle means having a lot of options at your disposal. Even for someone looking to do something more casual and relaxing, most agree that the real advantage of master-planned communities is having a large list of amenities and activities to enjoy. Brunswick Forest’s goal is to offer variety, convenience, and fun year-round. That’s why our Fitness and Wellness Center at Brunswick Forest has a dedicated schedule of resident… [Read More…]

Making a Splash: Summertime Water Activities

July 28, 2021

In the Southeast, beach towns attract thousands of people per year. For residents living here, it’s a great perk that allows for opportunities to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. And for any visitors who experience it for themselves, that convenience alone is often enough to consider relocation. What’s so good about being out on the water? Water-related activities are not just a great time during a hot summer’s day,… [Read More…]

Paddle Paddle Paddle: Kayaking at Brunswick Forest

May 5, 2021

Imagine that you are outside on a warm spring day in Brunswick Forest. You’re in your vessel gliding along a body of tranquil water. As you move through the pristine water two great blue herons fly overhead, fish are jumping, and turtles are basking in the sun on a sandy bank. This is the sort of feeling kayaking at Brunswick Forest can bring you, and now is the perfect time… [Read More…]

Brunswick Forest’s Spring Discovery Guide

February 22, 2021

Has there ever been a better time to make for warmer parts of the country? Shorter winters look much more appealing than enduring another out-of-season snowstorm. If you are in the middle of your home discovery process, then consider visiting us here at Brunswick Forest through our Coastal Discovery Tour. Sure, Spring is not quite here yet, but it will be before you know it! It is best to be… [Read More…]