4 Ways to Get You Hooked on Coastal Living

August 30, 2023

Anyone who has been to North Carolina knows a thing or two about natural beauty. From the Appalachian trail in the West to the glorious Carolina coast on the east, this state is a stunner. Known for it, in fact. North Carolina was recently ranked 9th most beautiful state in the nation, which may explain why folks from across the United States are flocking to its cities and towns. 

When you think “coastal living,” you may think of a hot-spot like Miami or Los Angeles. But you don’t have to head to a big, bustling metropolis in order to enjoy a beachside life. Actually, one of the many reasons why North Carolina earned its above accolades is its splendid coastline. The Carolina coast is lovely and temperate — you won’t be drenched in perspiration as you enjoy a boating excursion near an NC marina. Longtime residents of Wilmington, Leland, or other coastal NC cities would all agree: For shore-side adventure, this region has some of the best beaches in the nation. Here are just a few reasons why the Carolina coast is the shore of choice for many Americans. 

1. Fishing Paradise

Anglers won’t need to look for a bait shop for too long on a Carolina pier. Carolinians understand the meditative beauty of a fishing trip; it’s a key part of coastal living. The ocean waters off the coast are rich with fish, so local fishermen can always catch something delicious. Rainbow trout, king mackerel, flounder, striped bass — all these and more are local, fresh, and ready to be caught. The coast itself is dotted with excellent piers, like Johnnie Mercer’s Fishing Pier at Wrightsville Beach, where anyone interested can rent a fishing rod and enjoy fresh-caught trout the same day. 

2. All Hands On Deck

Coastal living wouldn’t be complete without water sports and boating opportunities, would it? Well, the Carolina coast offers plenty of chances to enjoy both. Wilmington and other coastal towns have plenty of boat ramps and launches, where smaller crafts or kayaks can set out onto the Cape Fear River for a day of water fun. Or, if you’re a mariner sailing a larger vessel, explore all that the local marinas have to offer. There are more than a dozen such marinas, where yachters and other boating enthusiasts can dock, refuel, and enjoy the sunshine.

Not a licensed boat captain? Check out the river cruises provided by the excellent guides of Wilmington Water Tours! You don’t have to be a boater yourself to enjoy the views of the Cape Fear area.

3. Every Day is a Beach Day

Why not take a load off and enjoy a day at the beach? When you’re living on the Carolina coast, the weather is basically always perfect for a beach day. Whether your preference is a leisurely walk on the sand or the boardwalk or a day of sunbathing, North Carolina has you covered. This area has plenty of white-sand beaches, each with its own specific perks. Caswell Beach is one of many dog-friendly beaches, for example.

While Oak Island features a historic lighthouse. Kure Beach has both gorgeous, luxurious sands to relax on and a world-class aquarium. Whatever beach you’re looking for, you can bet you’ll find it on the Carolina coast.

4. Sensational Seafood

Crab cakes, and lobster, and shrimp, oh my! After a fantastic day of boating, fishing, or laying on the beach, you’re sure to be hungry for something from the fresh fish market. Which is why you’ll be glad to know that North Carolina is home to some of the most delectable seafood in the United States.

Beachside restaurants feature classic dishes, like popcorn shrimp and prime rib, alongside an ocean view that can’t be beat. Every fish you eat is freshly caught, and you can taste the perfection. Is there anything better than a grilled fresh fish, an ice-cold IPA, and the salt air on your skin? If there is, we sure don’t know what it is.

Coastal living is a one-of-a-kind adventure. If you’re thinking of life on the Carolina coast, our Brunswick Forest Realty team knows everything there is to know about this region. We love the coastal life that the Wilmington area has to offer and are excited to share our love of the area with you. Get in touch at 866-831-8382 to hear about how we can support your journey today.