Fall in Love with Brunswick Forest: Our September Coastal Home Showcase

September 3, 2021

As summer finishes up and September approaches, people will often start thinking of milder weather. Some might even start stocking up on pumpkin-spiced everything and begin to see leaves changing on the trees. In the Leland locale of North Carolina, we’re blessed to have year-round mild temperatures, so there’s always an opportunity for having a great time. If you’ve been thinking about making Brunswick Forest your home, then now’s the… [Read More…]

Down, Set, Hike! Brunswick Forest Kicks Off with Tailgating

September 1, 2021

Kickoff time! There’s one sport that’s on just about everyone’s mind this time of year: football! This game is about as American as it gets, and every year you can usually spot groups of football fans gathering around a bar or television set to catch the game and cheer for their teams. Brunswick Forest residents are no exception to all this hype, as we have plenty of American Football fans… [Read More…]

An Ideal Golfing Paradise – Just a Drive Away: Cape Fear National

August 25, 2021

Sweeping bunkers, rolling fairways, over-fertilized greens all nestled in an enclave of a picturesque coastal environment; This scene perfectly describes what it’s like to tee off at Cape Fear National golf course here at Brunswick Forest. Regardless of if you’re looking for a great place to play 18 holes, lounge with friends at an upscale clubhouse, or get some new gear at a well-stocked pro shop, Cape Fear National is… [Read More…]

A Summer Extravaganza: Our July Coastal Home Showcase

July 2, 2021

Summer is a big deal here in Southeastern North Carolina! It could be because of the excellent beaches we have in our local area, or the dozens of activities you can enjoy outdoors under the Carolina sunshine. Whatever the occasion, it’s a good time to experience the coastal side of life for yourself. Let Brunswick Forest’s Coastal Home Showcase Weekend be your summer getaway option this July! Our Coastal Home… [Read More…]

Greater Wilmington is Back for Summer: Local Happenings

June 28, 2021

Out of town visitors are a big part of our local economy, especially during summertime when the beach becomes the center of attention. But the seashore isn’t the only reason so many people love Wilmington; there are a lot of local happenings going on around town this time of year. Now, as summer finally begins, we’ve seen greater Wilmington fill their calendar with various community events, offering something for everyone…. [Read More…]