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A Taste of the West Indies in Wilmington: The Lakes at Brunswick Forest

July 22, 2020

Water is a large part of the Wilmington area’s identity. It drives industry, provides entertainment for the summer, and gives residents fresh local seafood. So, naturally, water is a big concept that master-planned communities like Brunswick Forest are built around. One of the neighborhoods that… [Read More…]

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A Grill Master’s Paradise: Lowes Foods at The Villages

July 21, 2020

Brunswick Forest has always prided itself for being a paradise for all its residents. It is more than just great amenities and fine homes, but it is also about unbeatable convenience. What better way to live than to have everything essential nearby? If you are… [Read More…]

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Liberty and Quality Homes for All: CeCee Poe of Liberty Homes

July 20, 2020

For someone who is looking to make their move to a master planned community, you want to make sure your investment is worthwhile. It is not just the process of purchasing a home, what you are really buying is a lifestyle. The details must be… [Read More…]

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Planned Communities vs Master Planned: The Brunswick Forest Difference is in the Amenities

July 15, 2020

When you hear the words “planned community” you might think of an image of several houses packed together. Does that portray a Coastal By Nature® paradise? What is the real difference between a normal planned community and one that is master-planned? As the residents at… [Read More…]

Summertime in Wilmington Was Made for Brews: Local Summer Beer and Wine to Enjoy

July 13, 2020

You cannot say “Summer” in Southeastern North Carolina without something cool in your hand to drink! Beach culture often promotes a vacationing atmosphere in terms of provisions. Fresh local seafood, ice cream and other treats are a staple this time of year in Wilmington. But… [Read More…]