Leland vet helps animals after Hurricane Sandy

December 30, 2012

Star News By: Patrick Terry   In the days after Hurricane Sandy ripped across the East Coast, I was on the phone with a fellow veterinarian on Long Island. My name is Dr. Patrick Terry and I’m a veterinarian at Brunswick Forest Veterinary Hospital in Leland. He said it was cold and miserable and people were really suffering. He said they just really needed help. When somebody asks for help,… [Read More…]

Pizzetta’s opens at Brunswick Forest

December 12, 2012

Greater Wilmington Business Journal By: Liz Biro   With the Dec. 8 opening of Pizzetta’s Pizzeria at Brunswick Forest, Leland might officially be called “Little Italy.” Pizzetta’s is one of four Italian restaurants on about a mile-long section of U.S. 17 in the area of Waterford, Magnolia Greens and Brunswick Forest residential communities. Pizzetta’s, 1144 E. Cutlar Crossing, is between CVS and Lowe’s Foods at the new 500,000 square-foot The… [Read More…]