The Reali Deal: Paul and Fe Reali on Brunswick Forest

July 31, 2020
Paul and Fe Reali - A resident testimonial

When people first move to Brunswick Forest, they typically have specific reasons for doing so. Some reasons can be to enjoy a warmer year-round climate, wanting to be closer to family, and retiring to an easier life. Paul and Fe Reali, a recent addition to the Brunswick Forest community, are just one of the many happy families who have quite the story behind their move. Now they take some time to share that story with us.

Paul and Fe have had their share of cultural experiences before moving to Brunswick Forest. Fe is originally from the Philippines while Paul hails from Maine, and both lived in the sunshine state of Florida for about 5 years. While Florida is a popular spot to settle down, the Reali’s found the area too hot and too busy for their tastes. They then moved up north to Paul’s home state of Maine for a year, and then darted down to New Hampshire where they lived for 10 years, “New England is beautiful but it’s too cold and has very high taxes. So, we moved to Apex, North Carolina, for one year and then Leland, North Carolina,” Fe tells us. The Reali’s finally found their paradise at Brunswick Forest.

Like most homeowners looking to move to their ideal community, Paul and Fe conducted extensive research in what they were looking for. “Major factors that attracted us to move to the Wilmington area was the lower cost of living, including lower house pricing with more options for ranch type options. There were more things to do and the quality of living fits our lifestyle more, because it is close to beaches and coastal downtowns. Less traffic, safety, amenities, and nearby healthcare were also important.” In addition to these benefits the Reali’s also loved the plentiful shopping and dining options nearby and ideal, year-round weather.

We were in awe seeing Brunswick Forest and how beautiful it is. It was a pleasant surprise and we enjoyed exploring it. Judson and the Brunswick Forest Welcome Center staff were consistently professional, friendly, cheerful and warm when assisting us. This superior, reliable and cheerful customer service is also reflected on the builder Kent Homes. We have experienced buying and building homes at different states, worked with different builders and associations, but we never had this kind of pleasant, upscale treatment. It was stress-free, efficient organized, detailed, reliable, personalized, and smooth. You can clearly tell that the staff at Brunswick Forest and Kent Homes love their jobs and are very customer focused.

The Reali’s cited that touring Brunswick Forest had a lot of enjoyable aspects regarding the purchasing process and were impressed about how enjoyable and safe everything was kept, regarding recent COVID-19 regulations. They loved how all the homes were available to tour even if was on short notice, “It’s very helpful for buyers like us who needed to drive long hours and need to make spontaneous checks.” The Reali’s also noted the marketing material as being excellent, “We like the Spring Homes Showcase Book, maps, and brochures. They are very helpful, creative, useful, and friendly. It helped us tremendously in finding and deciding on our home. We loved the blog regarding our Boothbay home, it described very well of why we picked that home.” The process in accepting their offer on the home they were looking at, The Boothbay Harbour, was a quick one. Brunswick Forest agent Judson Poole made sure he communicated well with their realtor, gave them excellent home walkthroughs, and made sure they felt welcomed throughout the entire process. The Kent Homes staff was also very organized and constantly impressed the Reali’s with their attention to small details like appliance manuals, warranties, quick response times, welcome gifts, informational emails and being patient in answering any questions they had.

There are several reasons that the Reali’s have fallen in love with Brunswick Forest, but they both specified a few specific reasons; Location, overall stress-free, positive ambience, nature, and amenities were all important factors to them. “The Shelmore neighborhood has a very welcoming charm, the different styles of homes add character. Walking every day around the neighborhood won’t get you bored because everybody has a personalized home that tells its own story.” The Reali’s also cited their fellow residents as being genuine, friendly, warm, and very inclusive. “On our first nights, neighbors dropped by, offered to help us and even brought yummy homemade sweets.” The Reali’s also love how each neighborhood gets access to amenities and has its own characteristics. “We also really like The Villages and having other restaurants and stores nearby,” they said.

When asked if they had any advice for other couples looking to make the same move that they have, Reali’s pointed out doing as much research and local immersion as possible. “Ask yourself what quality of life you want, the top five things that would make you happy, what matters most to you, long term goals, and what’s missing to what you have now. If you answered yes to one or any of the above points, it means you’re looking for Brunswick Forest living.”

The one thing to the Reali’s that made Brunswick Forest stand out is the master-planned layout. “What you see in the videos and advertising is what you see in person and even better.” Brunswick Forest is true to their motto of being Coastal By Nature®, and the Reali’s couldn’t see themselves living anywhere else. They conclude by stating, “We’re blessed to find Brunswick Forest, a place where we can consider a forever home.” If you are looking to make the same choice the Reali’s have, contact the Brunswick Forest real estate team at: 855.983.9579