The Brunswick Forest 2021 Bucket List:

January 8, 2021

With the new year well underway here, it’s time to start planning out all the fun things you’d like to check off your 2021 bucket list! While the situation with COVID-19 is not completely absent and has still created many new changes to be mindful of, the advantage of the greater Wilmington area is that a good time is often right around the corner. And more importantly, the advantage of living at Brunswick Forest is that our community is only a few minutes away from all the major local areas.

A new year means a new start. So, regardless if you are looking to get in shape for a new year’s resolution or just want to explore new places, we have got a handy little list just for you.

The Downtown Riverwalk:

While our community here at Brunswick Forest has up to 100 miles of dedicated walking trails for you to enjoy (the most of any master-planned community in the area), you can still start your day with a refreshing walk in downtown Wilmington. The Riverwalk is 1.75 miles of a wooden walkway that runs along the banks of the historic Cape Fear River. This area has great views of the riverside, the Battleship North Carolina moored in Brunswick County, easy access to shops along the riverfront and a great view of the iconic memorial bridge. Originally designed in the 1980s, constant refurbishment and additions have made the Riverwalk one of Wilmington’s premier outdoor attractions to visit. When the sun sets over the river, it offers multiple opportunities to take some amazing pictures too. Whether it is enjoying ice cream from Kilwin’s or wanting to get exercise in, the Riverwalk should be on your list for 2021.

Seven Amazing White Sand Beaches:

You might think listing the seven nearby beaches is a little odd… in January. But the truth is, Wrightsville, Caswell, Carolina, Kure and other amazing beaches are perfect to visit any time of the year. The cooler months are perfect if you are looking to walk the dog, engage in shelling or just enjoy the roar of the ocean waves. Why? Because the beaches are less crowded this time of year, meaning you will have more beaches for your blanket.

Airlie Gardens:

67 acres of pure natural bliss, Airlie Gardens (besides all the beaches) is one of the greater Wilmington area’s most lovely areas to spend your day. Airlie Gardens was originally the site of the Airlie Estate, a luxurious manor owned by the Jones family. Many Wilmington residents know the name of Pembroke Jones, who was one of the wealthiest men in the area during the 19th century. This estate was the favored place of his wife, Sarah Jones, who wanted to turn the grounds into a picturesque garden. Over a century later, the Airlie Gardens still attract over 120,000 visitors. Regardless of when you visit, Airlie Gardens needs to be on your list.

Cape Fear Museum:

Speaking of downtown Wilmington, the Cape Fear Museum is a great place to go when an indoor adventure is your best option. Founded in 1898, this museum has been dedicated to documenting and preserving the history of our local area. Be it science, documentation of the American Civil War or culture, the Cape Fear Museum has everything you need to know about our area. Even seasoned residents might learn something interesting that they may have not known before. Inside the museum are over 52,000 artifacts collected from regions around the city of Wilmington. It also has the distinct honor of being the oldest museum in the state of North Carolina. If you want to take a break from shopping down at the Cotton Exchange or want to do something different with your day, give the Cape Fear Museum a try!

If you want to make this your year of exploration and education of the wonderful culture of our area, try placing some of these items on your bucket list if you have not done so. Here are a few other great places to put on your bucket list for 2021: