enjoy international cuisine as a resident of brunswick forest

October 11, 2015

People who move to Brunswick Forest from major metropolitan areas don’t need to worry about not having plenty of dining options available to them. The Wilmington area boasts a great number of fantastic restaurants, many of them just moments from Brunswick Forest. New residents will have plenty of unique eateries to choose from when they move to this award-winning, master-planned community! FRENCH Caprice Bistro in nearby downtown Wilmington serves up… [Read More…]

JULY 2015

july happenings at brunswick forest

July 14, 2015

In case you missed it…here are the July happenings at Brunswick Forest! Stay current on all the social activities, fitness classes, club meetings, community announcements and much more with this month’s newsletter! To make sure you don’t miss a beat…sign up for the Brunswick Forest e-newsltter here!… [Read More…]

now serving wine on tap at the forest

March 1, 2015

Cape Fear National’s, The Forest, is on the cutting edge of restaurants trends by now offering wine on tap. Kegged wine, like the wine served at The Forest, is gaining popularity in restaurants worldwide for its superior quality and freshness, and will likely become more commonplace in years to come. A FRESHER PRODUCT Kegged wine yields a fresher product for the consumer because the wine never touches air until it… [Read More…]

north carolina’s growing wine industry

February 3, 2015

With the decline in demand for tobacco, many of North Carolina’s tobacco farmers are looking to a new cash crop that is quickly becoming popular in the state: wine grapes. Just a few years ago, North Carolina had only a handful of wineries, but now the state has more than 150, with more being added all the time. YADKIN VALLEY There are wineries located throughout the state of North Carolina,… [Read More…]


nearby nightlife

November 14, 2014

Brunswick Forest, with its prime location in the Town of Leland and just minutes from downtown Wilmington, is a great place to live for people who love the nightlife. Just a few minutes from your doorstep, you can experience fine dining, wonderful live theater, independent film screenings and enjoy cocktails at both casual and upscale bars and pubs. THE FOREST Cape Fear National’s restaurant, The Forest, offers both fine dining… [Read More…]