Experiencing Four Seasons

October 14, 2020

As the seasons begin changing, so do we! It is interesting that not all parts of the country experience the four seasons equally. Depending on where you decide to live, you may get a long summer or an early winter. Brunswick Forest is one master-planned community that gets the equal joy of spring, summer, fall, and winter every year.

Part of our Coastal by Nature® lifestyle at Brunswick Forest is making the most of life. A big part of why the residents love it here so much is because of the greater Wilmington area’s natural appeal. We have seven main beaches with easy access just minutes away, a historically significant downtown area with lots of shops, plenty of dining choices, and several other vacationing spots such as Bald Head Island. Unlike communities in the Northeast, Brunswick Forest residents can enjoy these great areas for most of the year with mild weather. Despite warmer weather that lasts longer than other parts of the country, the Wilmington area still gets to experience a full scope of seasonal activity.

Winters are usually milder here, and you can guarantee you will not be experiencing any bone-chilling Nor’ easter storms! Forget the snow shovel, because while other states might be getting heavy blizzards you will be living it up in paradise! It is a point of jealousy that leads many aspiring homeowners to realize that moving down South is the best choice they will ever make.

Springtime is a truly special moment here in Southeastern North Carolina. Starting usually no later than March, you end up shedding the winter blues early on and getting into warmer weather sooner. The closed-toe shoes will come off, the sandals will slip on, and people become charged up and ready for the activities to come. Be it walking, biking, or taking the dog to the park, springtime is quite enjoyable at Brunswick Forest. Even more so when you consider local attractions like Airlie Gardens, which captivate many guests with a variety of beautiful flowers.

Summertime is a time where the greater Wilmington area is busiest! People will come from miles around to frolic in the surf, sun, and local attractions. With average temperatures reaching in the high 80s, it is a great time of year to visit the beach (which our area is famously known for). But there is plenty of fun to be had in other popular spots as well like Fort Fisher, Bald Head Island, and the Battleship North Carolina. There will often be music and entertainment downtown, which can easily be enjoyed late into the evening thanks to the extended daylight. When it comes to summer here, you can guarantee that something fun is going to be waiting for you right around the corner. It is a quality that people love our area for!

But now that it is October, the fun does not even come close to stopping. Once again cooler temperatures find their way into the Wilmington area, but it does not simply jump into a frigid tempest like a lot of other states. When you visit Brunswick Forest, you can expect mild temperatures that average 60 degrees to highs of the upper 70s depending on the day. Bright sunny days are still common here this time of year, and like the springtime season, Autumn allows for a wealth of great activities. Fall-themed attractions can usually be found in abundance this time of year, and you expect to see people about decorating their homes with pumpkins. Walking, hiking, biking, fishing, cornhole, gardening, and a whole host of other fun pastimes. When the leaves start changing there is still a lot of mildness in the air to throw on some long pants and short sleeves. You will be able to go out and engage in everything the local areas have to offer, including having the beach to yourself, without much discomfort at all!

If you are tired of living in an area that just suddenly jumps from one season to the next, then we have the solution. Moving to Brunswick Forest is a great way to enjoy everything each year brings and be ideally located to all the activities you could want.