Looking Forward: New Developments at The Villages

December 24, 2020

Change is on the winds for the new year in The Villages Town Center, and we are excited for all that is on the horizon! As a resident of Brunswick Forest, you probably already know that The Villages Town Center is one of the most convenient amenities that one could have. Regardless of what time of year it is, you can always look forward to having a place to shop, dine, and do business right down the road. But what you might not know, is that The Villages Town Center is about to get even better! Here is a little peek at what you can look forward to in 2021.

Pickleball is currently one of the most beloved activities for residents at Brunswick Forest. Residents all know of The House of Pickleball in The Villages Town Center. Now winter sports enthusiasts will have a place to call their own too. The land next to the House of Pickleball is about to take on its own unique identity by becoming a curling facility. For those of you who do not know, curling is a winter sport that involves players on ice, moving a stone into a goal post or zone. Players use special brooms to sweep the areas in front of the rock to help usher it towards the scoring areas. Now, those who want to participate in more traditional winter activities will be able to use this new area planned to break ground in 2021.

We often discuss the convenience of having a dedicated storage area in AA Storge and now you can look forward to another expansion. Their mini storage area right behind their current facility will grow, allowing for more areas to store whatever you desire.

Liberty Home Healthcare is still going forward with their assisted and independent living facility. This facility will be complete with its assisted living, skilled nursing facility as well as individual apartments. It will be perfect for those looking for a different place to live while still having all the convenience of the amenities at The Villages Town Center.

Speaking of medical care, you can expect to see another two-story medical building just in front of EmergeOrtho further down the line.

Plans have also been made for a possible nearby school, which will be great for families moving into Brunswick Forest.

Pizzetta’s Pizza will be pleasing pizza and pasta fans by looking to expand to a standalone building. This expansion will include a dedicated bar area, so you can enjoy your meal and maybe catch a game on TV at the same time. Perhaps most exciting of all, plans are being negotiated with Wrightsville Beach Brewery for a craft cidery/brewery and restaurant to be placed right by the medical offices in The Villages. It is sure to be one of the biggest attractions to the area when it is completed, with an anticipated area for outdoor dining, a beer garden, and event space.

We are truly excited for all that is to come in the new year, aren’t you? It will be a new chapter for Brunswick Forest, and we cannot wait to share it with you.