Logan Homes: A Road Map to Quality

November 11, 2020
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Logan Homes is known for allowing many aspiring homeowners to dream bigger while building smarter. Several important elements make Logan Homes stand out from your average builder. Amongst these are personalization, cutting-edge design studios, communication, energy efficiency, a warranty program, and a very dedicated team.

Your new home should not just be a building that you live in, but a place that you look forward to spending time in. It’s a place where each morning feels like the start of something special, where friends and family can bond together for years to come. To achieve these goals, Logan Homes does its best to stick with their road map to success. These are qualities that streamline the building process for you and provide you with choices to achieve your perfect dream home.

Floor Plan Personalization: Logan Homes offers floor plans and elevations and allows you to choose the finishing details. Their state-of-the-art design studio recently expanded last year is filled with plenty of options to personalize nearly every room in your home. You will find flooring, lighting, cabinetry, and several other interior and exterior design options.

Energy Efficiency:

Logan Homes uses suppliers that provide environmentally friendly materials to build homes that allow you to save money on monthly bills. The Home Energy Rating System scores a residence on a point system that runs from 150 (using lots of energy) to 100 (the average home). Anything rated below 100 points is considering supremely energy-efficient, and Logan Homes regularly scores a 65-75.

Warranty Program: “Logan Homes offers a comprehensive, express, insured warranty program that involves two levels of coverage.” They stand strongly behind their work and want you to feel just as confident. You can learn more about the warranty here.

The sales team at Logan Homes works hard to be one of the top builders in the region. They offer gorgeous floorplans that have made a great impact in neighborhoods like Banyan Bay and Egret Cove. See some of the homes that Logan Homes has built by viewing our virtual home tours on Facebook, or contact our team for more information at 833-497-1001