Beachin’ It Year-Round: An Autumn Beach Day

November 3, 2021

Residents and visitors alike appreciate the four seasons we experience in Brunswick Forest and the greater Wilmington area. But what you might not realize, is that even during what some might label “offseason,” our seven local beaches are quite enjoyable due to our year-round mild weather. Despite what your intuition might tell you, Autumn is a perfect time to hang out at the beach.

Regardless of what time of year it is, just about every coastal Carolinian will tell you that it’s always a good time to feel the sun on your face, smell the salt in the air, hear the surf rolling in, and put your toes in the sand. During the Autumn season, it can be a very comfortable and pleasant experience. Here are some of the advantages of why you should investigate packing the sunscreen and heading to the beach for a few hours.

Fewer Tourism Crowds

Make no mistake, tourism is a huge part of our local economy. And it’s always good to see more and more visitors each year. You never know, in time, those visitors might become Wilmingtonians themselves. But for those who want a bit more space at the beach to stretch their coastal wings, there’s a lot to be said for going in Autumn. Fewer crowds mean more space for you to engage in outdoor activities like cornhole, kite flying, shelling, jogging, bocci ball, or horseshoes. Not as many people on the beach also means you have more options to park closer to your favorite access point, making things even more convenient.

More Areas to Explore

Another advantage of going to the beach during Autumn is that with fewer crowds, there’s more area for you to explore freely. Natural Landmarks such as the jetty, piers, sandbars, and other ends of the beach that may often be too crowded during peak season, become much more accessible during the Autumn season. This extra space offers a lot of perks depending on what you want to do with your day. Photographers can get more angles and spaces to line up the perfect capture. People hunting for seashells can cover much larger distances without worrying about running into someone. And beachgoers who want to walk their dogs or go for a run have much wider to work with.

The Perfect Temperature

Autumn is particularly great down in Southeastern North Carolina because it is exceptionally mild. While it’s always comfortable year-round, this time of year you can count on an average range from the upper 60’s to the high 70’s during the day. Combined with some warm sunshine and a cool ocean breeze, it provides the perfect atmosphere for your coastal lifestyle. And because it stays warmer for longer, you’ll have even more opportunities to enjoy the beach during the off-season. It’s a winning situation that’s won people over to the coastal Carolina side of life.

Getting the opportunity to enjoy so many beaches year-round, is a big part of why thousands of visitors become permanent residents. Brunswick Forest encourages you to take a trip out to the coastline this season, and experience that for yourself!