Ways to Beat the Dog Days of Summer: Family Dog Naturals

August 27, 2020

dog sitting in the grass

The dog days of Summer in coastal Carolina tend to be easy-going and warm. Our residents have the best opportunities for getting out and about, enjoying nature and living life to its fullest due to our location and amenities. Our master-planned community is also perfect for your furry four-legged companion. It is important to prioritize their safety during Summer months. Here are some helpful tips from Family Dog Naturals in The Villages Town Center on keeping your dog cool.

Most dogs like to get out an exercise, and with the up to 100 miles of trails at Brunswick Forest, it is easy to keep both yourself and your dog active! Under the Southern sun, dogs can overheat just like we can. Locally owned by resident Dave Head, Family Dog Naturals is a business just down the street from the neighborhoods at Brunswick Forest. They are knowledgeable and passionate about providing you only the best in natural treats, toys, and health products for your canine companion. Now, they have some easy to remember and vital tips to keep your dog healthy and safe during the summer heat:






As humans it is easy to project our own feelings onto those of our pets. So, it is easy to assume that just because you are comfortable, then that means your dog must be too. This can be a very dangerous assumption as dogs cannot handle heat like people can! Heat stroke can be a very real risk during hot summer activities. If your dog shows signs of heavy panting, increased heart rate, confusion or disorientation, vomiting or diarrhea, bright red gums, or a body temperature of over 104 degrees Fahrenheit, get your dog into a cool environment as soon as you can.

Family looks out for one another, and your fellow neighbors at Brunswick Forest and Family Dog Naturals want to make sure your summer fun is not interrupted by heat associated risks. Keep your canine companion cool and happy when you can! Be sure to visit your friends at Family Dog Naturals!