The Time to Retire is Now! Make Brunswick Forest Your Home

May 12, 2021

More than ever, a growing number of people are considering early retirement. That includes 2.7 million Americans aged 55 and older according to sources like If you’re looking to retire in paradise, Brunswick Forest is perfect for those who want it all.

Living in Southeastern North Carolina has great benefits that can improve your quality of life. The significant number of outdoor activities, clean air, pristine beaches, and convenient shopping have attracted thousands of people to our community. Now that millions of Americans are considering early retirement, this would be the perfect time to learn more about Brunswick Forest.

For many aspiring residents who may have been saving for retirement, or putting it off for years, the recent pandemic has provided the motivation to start fresh in more favorable areas. According to sources such as, financial experts say that they’re seeing clients developing a new attitude towards relocation and retirement. This outlook is being called the “life-is-short mentality” and is prevalent with retirees who have been saving for retirement.

To add even more credibility to these historic figures, people planning to work beyond the age of 65 fell by 32.9% in March of this year. 2.7 million Americans aged 55 and up are planning to apply early for social security benefits according to the New York Federal Reserve and acquired assets for older Americans rose by $4.2 trillion in 2020 alone.

Our master-planned community of Brunswick Forest is your ultimate relocation destination. We’ve seen dozens of new families arriving in the greater Wilmington area, and many have discovered why Brunswick Forest should be their forever home. The real question is, will you be joining them too? Our real estate team is looking forward to meeting new folks and can help you find the home you’ve been looking for. With our Coastal Showcase Weekends set to continue in June and July, and new construction breaking ground, we’d love to have you become part of our family. For more information, you can contact us at 833-497-1001. More potential residents have seen the signs that now is the time to relocate. Will you answer the call to be Coastal By Nature®?