The Best of the Best! Brunswick Forest is a Top 100 Planned Community!

August 11, 2021

The United States is home to hundreds of master-planned communities. These places are all about taking luxury amenities, organized neighborhood layouts, and an exceptional location then combining them into one convenient package. They are highly sought after by those seeking retirement. But not every community out there can make the cut for the best of the best! Ideal-LIVING Magazine, experts in the industry for 30 years, have placed Brunswick Forest amongst the elite for 2021!

According to ideal-LIVING, there are 10 reasons why people consider living in a master-planned community:

When a master planned community makes it to the top 100 in the entire country, that’s a big achievement. But when you’ve made the same list several years running, that’s extraordinary. Brunswick Forest Realty is proud to have once again taken a spot amongst the best for 2021. Each year, before they decide, Ideal-LIVING Magazine will survey their readers to make the best choices for what makes a planned community great. It’s all about having very desirable areas that are easily accessible to residents. Communities that are walkable with large open spaces and promote a real sense of community are especially desirable, according to ideal-LIVING. And Brunswick Forest has constantly proven itself amongst those standards.

Wilmington itself has consistently made it into ideal-LIVING’s top 100 places to move list as well. The experts there identify our area as having a boundless coastal charm that helps you appreciate life to the fullest, such as a milder climate, Southern culture, and boundless recreational opportunities.

So, why did ideal-LIVING place us amongst the top 100 once more? Because we’ve become the “Coastal South’s fastest-growing community” due to our wide array of neighborhoods and lifestyles! We offer a blend of variety, comfort, and convenience that has attracted hundreds of new residents a year. The fact that we have secluded neighborhoods, each with its theme, has been identified as being a very desirable quality of ours to prospective homeowners. Our championship golf, community gardens, walking trails, resident-sponsored clubs, tennis, fitness facilities, and pickleball, are also part of what ranks us amongst the best in this year’s listings. Brunswick Forest has won several awards in the past for being a top community for walking and pickleball from ideal-LIVING as well!

Since COVID, more prospective homebuyers have been looking to move to more attractive areas that improve the quality of life. The locales of Southeastern North Carolina have become especially coveted for that reason alone. To quote ideal-LIVING themselves, “Retirees and younger people who are now able to work from home have not just gone to Carolina in their minds, they’ve been moving in record numbers.” Plan your Coastal Discovery Tour now and visit us anytime at Brunswick Forest. See for yourself why we’re always amongst the top communities in the nation! Contact our realty team at 833-497-1001.