Pure as The Sea: CLC Healing Salt Therapy at The Villages

July 2, 2020

At Brunswick Forest, we want you to always be living your best life. Some accomplish this by eating healthy, visiting the doctor (or the beach) routinely or choosing to engage in regular exercise. Brunswick Forest residents get access to plenty of healthful services at The Villages Town Center. But sometimes you need a different approach to keep yourself in prime health. That is where Christie Chadwick and her practice, CLC Healing Therapies comes into play.

CLC Healing Therapies has been known in the local Leland areas for quite some time now and has garnered a reputation as a relaxing oasis for clients. A little rest and relaxation are just as important as exercise when it comes to living an active lifestyle. But Christie Chadwick does not offer residents and other clients any old spa date, these are full on therapeutic sessions for those who are experiencing issues such as chronic pain. One of the most notable techniques Christie employs to revitalize your mind and body is salt therapy. A therapeutic technique that she was eager to tell us about!

So, what is salt therapy exactly? Christie describes it as, “A safe and effective wellness practice for preventative and restorative health care.” According to Christie, salt has three major characteristics that help our well-being, “Salt is super absorbent, salt is anti-bacterial, and salt is an anti-inflammatory.” These properties help to purify and rejuvenate our skin and respiratory tracts.

“There are two major ways to experience salt therapy, actively and passively,” Christie says. “Active dry salt is where pharmaceutical grade salt is place into a Halogenerator that then grinds the salt into specific micro-sized particles. Then it disperses that salt aerosol into the air in a closed environment. These particles are then inhaled into the respiratory system. Passive dry salt therapy is less effective but still has benefits. This is when a salt room is created to mimic the natural salt caves found in Europe. These rooms have large volumes of various types of salt décor in a climate-controlled room.”

Because of a lack of natural salt particles in the air, many seek active salt therapy rooms for more therapeutic value.

Active salt therapy, also known as Halotherapy, often provides relief when using alongside other forms of medical treatment. Many of these are respiratory conditions that includes asthma, allergies, colds, cystic fibrosis, and smokers cough. People also can notice a relief in skin ailments like acne, skin aging, flaky skin, dry skin, itching, Dermatitis and Eczema. “Halotherapy is not a medical treatment and does not offer a cure. People should contact their trusted health care provider and ask if they understand salt therapy, and if they recommend it for the patient,” Christie adds.

When Christie has clients come in for Halotherapy in her practice, she often sees that they notice positive benefits. “You can feel a sense of peace right away as you’re lounging in the zero gravity chair, listening to calming music, along with the sounds of the salt machine. It’s not uncommon to feel an opening of the sinuses, as well as being able to take deeper breaths than before.” The real value of seeking salt therapy is one of mostly respiratory and skin support. Christie tells of what her opinion is on the major benefits of this therapy, “I feel that simply taking action and doing some self care is of the utmost importance. The emotional and mental benefits from taking care of yourself can improve your overall well-being.”

If you’re looking to try out salt therapy sessions to help you feel your best and even obtain a sense of peace, try giving Christie Chadwick and CLC Healing Therapies a call at 910-712-2712 or visit www.lelandsalt.com. Right now, you can take advantage of 50% all sessions during the month of July. Hurry on down to The Villages and experience wellness like you never have before.