Relaxation Destination: New Massage Therapist at the Villages

March 13, 2020

Blog Photo for CLC Healing Therapy

Relaxation is a key part of living your best life that shouldn’t be taken for granted. When you neglect your own personal well-being, it’s difficult to live every day to its fullest. However, Brunswick Forest offers its residents something more than just great amenities and ways to settle into a coastal lifestyle. The Villages Town Center is an easily accessible area just inside the entrance to Brunswick Forest, and offers quite a selection of areas to shop, dine and even pamper yourself. One of the most recent additions is CLC Healing Therapies, a massage therapy clinic run by local therapist, Christie Chadwick.

When thinking of professional massage, we often associate it with being pampered during a spa date. While this is certainly part of what a massage therapist does, it’s not the complete picture. Massage therapy, as the name suggests, can really help give you medical relief as well. The longer you have your physical well-being around you, the longer you can enjoy the beautiful coastal environment you live in. Originally from Long-Island, New York, Christie Chadwick has been providing people in the local area with quality massage and holistic healing practices for quite some time. She has been practicing the ancient art of Reiki since 2001, helping clients achieve inner peace through chakra energy balance and relaxation. Originally located outside of Brunswick Forest, CLC Healing Therapies has always been a big hit with the residents here. “The thing with my old office is that it just wasn’t private enough for my patients. So, when I was offered the spot in the Villages itself, I jumped on it,” says Christie.

Massage therapy is the main service here, helping patients and residents with chronic pain or other forms of physical issues. Massage therapy and Reiki are by appointment only, but some of the other services that Christie offers includes JFB Myofascial Release, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage and Trigger point therapy. “One of my specialties is salt therapy, where I provide a special environment that generates salt in the surrounding air. The result of this is that salt air in proper quantities is great for not only your skin, but your respiratory system as well,” Christie tells us. CLC Healing Therapies is one of the only places that you can find this revolutionary new technique in the Leland area. When asked about what makes her practice stand out from others of its kind, Christie mentions that CLC Healing Therapies is a place where you can dedicate time to rejuvenate your body, when our busy schedules might end up neglecting that self-care. She highlights how her practice doesn’t focus so much on pain itself, instead highlighting different layers of positivity that people can work into their lives and therefore work through it. “The body is very fluid, and not taking the time to help yourself can lead to the body becoming stiff. That’s why my service is available to all who need it, including other caregivers!” Christie’s sessions will also incorporate the use of essential oils and other therapeutic materials that you can practice yourself at home.

Located above The Joyce in the Villages, inside of the Holistic Wellness offices, CLC Healing Therapies is available to anyone looking to better their bodies. You can also use Christie’s services in conjunction with the other amenities at Brunswick Forest, to truly give yourself the best self-love possible. “I love to give people hope that life can be as good as it should be, if we give our bodies a chance to heal,” Christie concludes.