January 11, 2015
Brunswick Forest


Staying fit and active no longer means you have to spend hours doing cardio in a gym. These days, there are so many fun activities you can do to stay fit and active that you don’t even have to step on a treadmill—unless you want to.

At Brunswick Forest, we not only have a state-of-the-art Fitness and Wellness Center that is fully-equipped with everything you need to stay healthy and active, but there are also plenty of alternative activities to get your heart pumping and your body moving!

Zumba is a fun aerobic fitness program that combines Latin American dance elements and fitness movements. The exercise is normally done to Latin American or other popular dance music in classes that are upbeat, physically-demanding and a ton of fun. At Brunswick Forest, we offer Zumba classes at the Fitness and Wellness’s Center’s Leland Room.



Brunswick Forest offers residents classes in both yoga and yoqua—which is yoga done in one of our community pools. Yoga offers an alternative to getting fit, is great for flexibility and provides bodyweight training.


Head to one of our beautiful area beaches to catch a wave in the name of fitness! Surfing is an extremely physically-demanding sport which strengthens cardiovascular fitness and core muscle groups.

Crossfit is a new fitness regime that is gaining popularity across the country. Crossfit exercises promote functional movements and workouts are designed to offer constantly-varied routines so muscle groups do not become too accustomed to one movement. Interested in trying it out? You are in luck! A new Crossfit gym opened just a few miles from Brunswick Forest in Leland this past year.


Head to the water for a day out kayaking on Town Creek at Brunswick Forest. Kayaking is good for cardiovascular health, provides an excellent workout for the upper body and is a wonderful way to explore nature.