Fall Fresh: The Perfect Fall Garden

October 2, 2020

Milder year-round temperatures here in Southeastern North Carolina means a longer growing season. This means that while residents in other parts of the country must bring plants inside or stop growing earlier, you can get more bang for your buck outdoors. From veggies to ornamental blooms, Brunswick Forest has plenty of space for you to exercise that green thumb of yours!

What do you like most about gardening? Could it be that you like to show off pictures of your plants on social media (share and tag us!), or maybe you just like the idea of nurturing something that produces great beauty? Whatever your reasons for gardening might be, many agree on the fact that it is a healthy and productive way to enjoy the outdoors. The weather in the greater Wilmington area is mild and gorgeous for most of the year, which provides ripe opportunity for gardening enthusiasts to take advantage of. Brunswick Forest homes often offer sizable areas for you to keep potted plants for people to admire, while those looking to have a more traditional garden can make use of the large community gardening space. Here are just a few of the Autumn treats that are perfect for a late-year garden:

Sugar Snap Peas: These tasty vegetables are often a staple of any good fall garden. They are hardy, can self-support one another (with a little guidance from growing trellises), and have a high yield. Sugar snap peas are unique because unlike beans you can eat them whole. They are also known for their sugary flavor which gives them their name. Sugar peas work in several different recipes and are also great to use in fresh salads. But the best part about pea plants is that they do good in cooler weather, so long as they are protected from extreme frost.

Potatoes: Resistant to cooler weather and able to be grown during most parts of the year (except in extreme cold), potatoes of all different sorts will find a welcome place in any fall garden. Potatoes are unique because the actual potato itself can be used to start a brand-new plant. Simply choose a few potatoes and wait until they begin to sprout little shoots. Once they begin germinating, you can bury them in the ground or even grow them in a pot out on your porch.

Radishes: One of the easiest vegetables to grow this time of year, radishes are almost full proof even for a novice gardener. Radishes provide you with nutritious and tasty tubers that will do well both in the ground or in a pot. After the seeds have initially sprouted, be sure to thin out some of the seedlings so the bulbs will have room to grow.

Lettuce: There are many different types of lettuce that you can grow during the Autumn season. Buttercrunch, romaine, and butterhead are just a few of the varieties you can find in the store as seeds. So long as you plant them before the first frost sets in, you should get plenty of great sprouts to add to many recipes.

Pansy’s: Do not let that name fool you, because Pansy flowers are some of the hardiest blooms you will ever plant! Pansy’s do well in pots or flower beds around the house and will give plentiful amounts of bright color to your yard.

Marigolds: These bright and cheerful flowers are not only gorgeous but attract many beneficial insects as well. They provide great companions to other Autumn plants such as beets or carrots. Marigolds are known for their deep red and gold colors and are sure to be easy on the eyes no matter where you plant them.

Regardless of what you are looking to plant this year, consider adding some variety to your garden by trying out the above veggies and flowers.