Brokers Working with Agents at Brunswick Forest

November 19, 2019

It’s all about that personal connection! When you think of working alongside a master-planned community, it’s often that you know the sort of atmosphere your client is looking for; amenities, convenience, location and a variety of building options, are the standard fare a client might be interested in. Brunswick Forest, a winner of the top 50 best master-planned community awards from ideal-Living magazine, is all of the above and so much more. It’s more than well designed neighborhoods, because Brunswick Forest treats everyone like family. That includes brokers too!

Broker gala events, friendly agents and other great options make working with Brunswick Forest a true asset to real estate. In fact, our diverse and experienced real estate team is one of the best in the business! It doesn’t matter who you work with, our agents will always go above and beyond to make sure you and your client feel welcome. Beth Burgee, head of marketing at Brunswick Forest, states that it’s all about making the experience stress-free. “We tend to have an open-door policy; brokers are able to bring any customers that they want to us, if they so choose. Brokers are also able to fill out a referral form and directly contact any of our agents here,” she says. “Regardless of if they have a client or not, our broker friends are always welcome to take a tour of our community, see the models and educate themselves on what makes Brunswick Forest a great place to live for potential residents. It’s essentially the same tour we give people who are looking to move to the area, and brokers are then able to sell those properties better.” For many brokers, they might already have an idea of the agent they want to work with, and therefore always receive a consistent experience as well.

In addition to a welcoming environment, the team at Brunswick Forest goes out of their way to go to a broker’s location and educate them on Brunswick Forest. This way, brokers never have to go out of their way if they have a busy schedule. “Brunswick Forest tailors its broker experience around what is convenient for them,” Beth concludes. As a paradise for coastal Carolina living, Brunswick Forest essentially sells itself with everything it offers. More importantly, it’s a place where each broker can enjoy a great experience amongst accommodating their clients!