The Vietnam War Traveling Memorial: Interview with Bob Page

July 27, 2019


Chapter 885 of The Vietnam Veterans of America has brought the emotional impact of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial here to Wilmington, North Carolina. The Vietnam War Traveling Memorial will be laid out in all its patriotic splendor at Mayfaire Town Center, and will be on display until Monday, July 29th! If you’ve never gotten the chance to honor the sacrifice of our country’s fallen heroes, at the main memorial in Washington D.C, this traveling testament to the Vietnam War is the perfect chance for you to experience it. Brunswick Forest staff got to visit the unloading of the traveling memorial this past Thursday and had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Bob Page of Chapter 885.



What is the purpose of The Veterans Association and Chapter 885? What is it that makes this group unique?

Bob tells us, “The Veterans Association and Chapter 885 help to perform civil services for families and individuals throughout the country. We help to perform funeral duties, participate in honor guard events and just showing people a lot of support and charity. They both help to foster a sense of respect and honor amongst the public towards the sacrifices made by veterans.”


What makes the Vietnam War Traveling Memorial a unique experience for those looking to honor the sacrifices made during the war?

“The travelling Vietnam memorial is great option for veterans and non-veterans as well, to get a feel of what the main memorial in Washington, D.C. is like without having to travel. It’s great for people who may not get a chance to experience the full-size D.C. Vietnam memorial, but the traveling memorial still carries all the emotional impact of the original one.”


How long has chapter 885 been doing the Vietnam War Traveling Memorial? Roughly how many cities in America does it visit during the year?

“This particular memorial will travel all over the country and has visited more cities than I can remember, and we’ve been doing it for many years!”


Are there any key differences between the Vietnam War Traveling Memorial and the standing memorial located in Washington D.C.?

“For the most part, the travelling memorial to Vietnam Veterans is just like the one that you will find in Washington, D.C. They both mirror each other accurately, and the only difference is that the travelling wall is physically smaller than the D.C. version. However, the symbolism and emotional impact both memorials create are equal.”


In your own words, describe what you feel is the best part about the Vietnam War Traveling Memorial. What is the best part about what Chapter 885 does?

“I feel that the memorial ensures that the lives that went into the Vietnam War will never be forgotten. It’s not just for veterans but also for non-veterans as well, and it educates the public on the sacrifices that were made and to give people an opportunity to emotionally reflect on that. It’s a very powerful thing, and it’s great to be able to offer that service to so many.”


Brunswick Forest encourages everyone to head out to Mayfaire this weekend and catch a glimpse of this incredible testament to the courage of the American soldier. The traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall is open all day and is free to visit! If you or a loved one know a veteran that served in Vietnam, be sure to let them know that their service is appreciated and won’t be forgotten.