Smiling Bright at BlueWave Dentistry

October 13, 2023
the bluewave dentistry team located in leland nc

Not many folks think of a trip to the dentist’s office and jump for joy. In fact, a study from 2021 found that, in 2018, only about 37% of Americans got a regular check-up from both their dentist and their primary care physician. Another 9% went just to the dentist, which still leaves 54% of Americans who don’t get their teeth and gums checked at all. Sure, it’s not exactly fun to have your mouth poked and prodded — but it’s very necessary. Taking care of your mouth and everything in it is a major part of staying healthy. Healthy teeth keep you pain-free, smiling, and enjoying all the beautiful day-to-day joys of life.

One of the main reasons people miss out on dental care is because they can’t find a great dental office with dentists they trust. Whether you’re looking for a regular cleaning by a dental hygienist or something more involved, like a root canal or other urgent dental care, you want the person peering at your pearly whites to be kind and congenial. If you live in or around Leland NC, your dental office of choice is probably BlueWave Dentistry located in the Villages at Brunswick Forest. The dentists at BlueWave are experienced, professional, and sympathetic to their patients’ needs. And now that Dr. Andy Gould has joined the team, these experts can accommodate many more patients.

Dental Care is Self-care

Don’t be one of the many Americans who suffer from tooth decay and gum disease. Your teeth are part of who you are; caring for them is an act of self-care like any other. Plus, flossing and brushing will only get you so far. At the end of the day, you’re going to have to go to a dental office, have x-rays taken, and get a professional cleaning every once in a while. The dentists at BlueWave Dentistry have decades of experience under their belt and a passion for the art of dentistry.

Dr. Andy Gould, the newest of the BlueWave dentists, worked for years in Pennsylvania before relocating to the Leland NC area. Dr. Chad Biggerstaff and Dr. David Vurnakes are likewise experienced and excited to help locals keep their smiles shining.

Convenience is Key for Healthcare

No one wants to drive too far out of their way for healthcare. That’s why residents of Brunswick Forest love how convenient the community is to great healthcare options — including BlueWave Dentistry. Brunswick Forest is home to a community of active adults who take self-care and healthcare seriously. After all, you’ve got to care for your well-being if you want to enjoy kayaking, pickleball, or a walk on the beach with friends! Fortunately, the proximity of medical services makes health easy to invest in. The Villages at Brunswick Forest, a local shopping center, features such resources as EmergeOrtho, a prime orthopedic center, Swell Vision Center, and The New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Dr. Gould is glad to join the team of healthcare providers serving the thriving community in and around Leland.  

“I did dentistry in Central Pennsylvania for over 27 years; to say that I have seen a lot in dentistry is an understatement,” says Dr. Gould, “But, at 53, I’m not near being done practicing.  I love what I do and have always wanted to be a dentist. BlueWave has instantly felt the impact of having a third dentist. All phases and aspects of dentistry are now available to all of our patients. We see children and adults, perform root canals, place implants, perform bone grafts and Botox, and provide services related to dentures, whitening, and Invisalign. We even make our crowns in-house while you wait. Plus, with our expanded hours we have more time available to give to our valued patients.”

Have Dental Insurance? You Can Use it at BlueWave

There is a misconception that since BlueWave Dentistry is a “fee for service” you cannot use your dental benefits in our office.  In the state of North Carolina,  the out-of-network benefits are actually very good and allow you to see any dentist (BlueWave included). They will file all your insurance claims and take care of all the hassle for you. All while providing you with the best of care regardless of insurance parameters if they would be “participating”. The insurance reimbursement check will come to you, just cash it.  It’s that simple! Everyone is welcome at BlueWave Dentistry, including those who have Dental insurance.

Caring for the Community

When Dr. Andy Gould decided to move from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, he knew he wanted to be a contributing part of a vibrant community. After taking what he calls a “leap of faith,” he and his wife Ami couldn’t be happier with their choice. “We knew that we wanted to retire here, and we both agreed that now was the perfect time to make our move to the South, while we’re healthy and able to enjoy all that Brunswick Forest has to offer. Living in Brunswick Forest means Ami and I get to see patients out and about within the neighborhood, at functions, or at the gyms and pools. It’s a great feeling! It’s a wonderful, clean, and inviting community that we feel blessed to be a part of.” Dr. Gould’s story is a perfect example of the many ways in which residents of Brunswick Forest contribute to one another’s well-being. To move to the community is to join a family, each caring for the others however they’re able. 

You, too, can join the community of active adults at Brunswick Forest! With convenient access to medical care, dentistry, shopping, restaurants, and more, this community is in high demand. Reach out to our team of experts at 866-831-8289 to learn more about available properties and upcoming events

Photography by Megan Deitz