February 13, 2014
Brunswick Forest

This year the Brunswick County Senior Games are coming to our doorstep! Get excited because Brunswick Forest will play host to the 2014 Gator Games Pickleball tournament! The Brunswick County Senior Gator Games are specifically designed for residents of Brunswick County who are 50+ years old with a desire get involved in the community and some friendly competition!

The 26th Annual Brunswick County Senior Games allows residents to rejuvenate old skills, hone-in on new ones and showcase their athletic talent as well as their artsy side! Participants can choose from over 80 events to compete in, including golf, swimming, Pickleball, running and even performing arts! Join the fun this year April 2nd- May 9th (registration ends March 28th)! And, don’t forget to cheer on all of your friends and neighbors at the Pickleball courts in Brunswick Forest!

For more information on the senior games, click here!