New Year, New Additions to Meadow Park

January 13, 2020

A brand-new year calls for some fresh changes around the community! The real estate team here at Brunswick Forest is always thinking of ways to make our neighborhoods even more accommodating for residents and visitors. Our master-planned community is like one big family, and we’re constantly looking forward to adding onto it. One of the latest neighborhood additions that we’re excited to unveil for the new year is the new cottage over at Meadow Park!

You can’t say “home sweet home” without a little Southern charm to welcome your guests. Our location on the Southeastern coast of North Carolina is highly desirable, and the cottages at Meadow Park have long captured that warm hospitable atmosphere. This well-established neighborhood is a great place to stay and learn more about our community. Meadow Park is ideal for potential residents looking to visit Brunswick Forest via the Coastal Discovery Package!

Curious about what a coastal lifestyle near downtown Wilmington can do for you? Now you’ll have extra accommodations over at Meadow Park when choosing to do a Coastal Discovery Tour at Brunswick Forest, thanks to our latest cottage addition. Kaitlin Snead, Meadow Park’s manager, highlights the convenience of staying in the new Meadow Park cottage over a hotel. “People love the idea of actually staying a few nights inside the community they’re visiting. Visitors who book a reservation to stay at Meadow Park will get full access to our amenities! That includes the Fitness and Wellness Center, biking paths and golfing.”

Currently, there are seven cottages at Meadow Park, and that includes their newest addition. You can think of these cottages as fully equipped townhomes, with the newest addition including three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a one car garage. Best of all, each cottage has its own look, so when you choose to book more than one stay, it never feels like the same place. If your goal for the new year involves visiting or moving to Brunswick Forest, you want to check out the cottages at Meadow Park. Looking for more details regarding the new additions? Contact our helpful real estate team at: 855.983.9579