New Happenings: Farmers Markets Are Back Open

May 10, 2021

The greater Wilmington area is known for its abundance of entertainment and dining options. Traditionally there has been so much to do in and around our community of Brunswick Forest. Due to COVID, 2020 was a year of limited activities, but now we are seeing a gradual resurgence of entertainment and shopping in 2021! Farmers Markets are a favorite local attraction that is making a big comeback and we are excited about it!

Farmers Markets:

Trying to support the local economy can have its advantages. While nothing is better than growing produce yourself, not everyone has the time (or space) to have a garden of their own. That is what makes your local farmer’s markets so convenient. It is all about getting the best quality items for a fair price while supporting your local community. Here are a few of the well-known farmer’s markets in the greater Wilmington area:

Oak Island Farmers & Artisan Market: Open each Monday from 8 am -1 pm.
The Oak Island Farmers & Artisan Market is not far from Brunswick Forest and provides some of Brunswick County’s best sources for local goods. There are fresh veggies, fruit, homemade jams, cakes, artisan furniture, rugs, and much more. You might find something for your home or even a gift for someone special. Best of all, it is located near the waterfront in Oak Island, providing easy access to the town and its culture. If you want to meet other locals, as well as bring something special home, consider visiting this eclectic market.

Wrightsville Beach Farmers Market: Open every Monday from 8 am – 1 pm starting May 17th.
The Wrightsville Beach Farmers Market is located at 12 Seawater Lane not far from the Wrightsville Beach Museum of History. This farmers market is popular with the locals and visitors alike. There are several choice vendors selling baked goods and fresh seafood. Vendors include Castle Hayne Farms, Farmage, Breadsmith, JD’s Honey and Eggs, Clean Juice, and Wholesome Greens. If you are looking for a fresh food shopping experience in one of the most desirable beach towns in North Carolina, this is the place for you.

Poplar Grove Farmers Market: Open Wednesday from 8 am -1 pm.
This farmer’s market has a plethora of local goods, crafted items, produce, sweets, and other products. It provides a great opportunity for local growers to take their products directly from the “farm to consumer”.  From cutting boards and jewelry to fresh eggs, this market is a great option for those looking to explore historical northern New Hanover County. Some of the vendors you will find here at Poplar Grove include Dowless Peach Orchard, Altar Cross Farms, Hanchey’s Fresh Produce, Mill’s Farm, and Red-Tailed Farm.

What is better than having a product that you favor come straight from the farm or a craftsman’s workbench? How about knowing you just helped your friends and neighbors continue their life’s work. This is what makes the local farmer’s markets in the Wilmington area so invaluable to the culture. Next time you think about doing some shopping while enjoying the mild spring weather, consider stopping at any of these locales! You will be happy you did.