Looking for Fun? Park it at Annsdale!

August 7, 2019


Brunswick Forest is more than just a master-planned community; It’s a unique experience that caters to your desire for an improved quality of life. Brunswick Forest is well known for being interwoven with nature, giving residents plenty of space to engage in an active lifestyle. One of the largest recreational areas that residents can take advantage of is Annsdale Park. This grassy and wide-open area is located right in the heart of Brunswick Forest, making it the perfect location for walking, bike riding, coordinating neighborhood events and communing with fellow residents.


Though there are several great parks where you can relax and unwind at Brunswick Forest, such as Meadow Park, Walden Park and the canine friendly Bark Park, Annsdale Park is the most open space where you can make the most of your summer fun. Its centralized location means that most neighborhoods in Brunswick Forest are easily able to access it. The park is surrounded by several miles of biking and walking trails, so no matter how you choose to get there, Annsdale Park remains a central point to anchor the community. Hammock Lake, located in the Shelmore neighborhood, is one such nearby area that Annsdale Park visitors have quick access to. Featuring a beautiful area to Kayak and Canoe, Hammock Lake also has a saltwater swimming pool complete with its own fitness center. Brunswick Forest’s annual Cardboard Boat Regatta is also held close by to Annsdale Park at Hammock Lake. This event challenges residents to form teams and create homemade watercraft made of cardboard. The different crafts will then race across the surface of the lake to see which one can make it back to the finish line without sinking! Annsdale Park is also a great area to play all the backyard classics such as bocce ball and corn hole! Wide open grassy grounds mean that you’ll spend very little time looking for a spot and more time having fun with friends and family.

Concerts are also a staple of Annsdale Park’s appeal for many people. From Jim Quick and the Coastline Band, to Port City Shakedown, many great musical guests have jammed the night away here. Food trucks can often be located nearby, during these events, providing refreshments for spectators. Live entertainment has often brought all the neighborhoods in Brunswick Forest together, and you can bet that Annsdale Park has hosted it. Residents can often be spotted setting up coolers, standing tents, lawn chairs and blankets to relax and watch live music and many other great events. Annsdale Park was also home to the recent Dock Dogs event. This national traveling event features competitive dogs testing their jumping skills across and into large pools of water.

Whether it’s for a picnic, a game of catch or a full-blown concert, Annsdale Park allows residents to have a great time right in the comfort of their own neighborhoods. There’s no excessive traveling or unneeded stress about where to set up camp. If you have an active lifestyle in mind, Brunswick Forest caters to it!