Holiday Charities: Helping HOGS

December 8, 2022

Giving to a Good Cause

Get ready to ride! Part of what makes the holiday season so enjoyable for many Wilmingtonians is the chance to give a little something back to their communities. The Harley Owners Group of Brunswick Forest, also known as HOGS for short, always raises the bar in giving to local charities. It’ll soon be time for their annual motorcycle parade, where they will be riding for non-profits like Manna Ministries and Brunswick Animal Shelter.

Who Are the HOGS in the Forest?

Who are the HOGS? The HOGS in The Forest is a resident-sponsored group of motorcycle enthusiasts who love spending time with each other and organizing charitable drives and activities. They’ve ridden everywhere together including up and down the East coast, out West, and several other noteworthy locations. The HOGS have a strong sense of community that’s driven by adventure and love for their fellow neighbors.

Some say it’s better to give than receive during the holidays. The HOGS in the Forest are a group of friends and neighbors that agree with this sentiment. Each December, Brunswick Forest residents look forward to hearing the familiar rumble of powerful bike engines as a colorful caravan of motorcycles makes its way through the neighborhoods here.

Manna Ministries of Leland

Manna Ministries of Leland is a local non-profit that helps deliver donated food items and canned goods to less fortunate and hungry families that need them most. People shouldn’t have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from, especially during the happiest time of the year. Therefore, the good people at Manna Ministries work hard to make sure families are fed when they need it most. The HOGS in the Forest will be helping to donate food to families in need this year as part of their annual food drive.

Brunswick Animal Shelter

Human families are not the only ones in need this season! Brunswick Animal Shelter helps to benefit stray dogs and cats looking for a loving home. That means they need all the food they can get to fill those hungry bellies. The HOGS in the Forest will also benefit from this local animal service so no furry faces go hungry for the holidays.

Be a Part of Something Special

The HOGS in the Forest will be parading through Brunswick Forest on December 10th starting at 3:45 pm. Be sure to stick around for it and grab yourself a spot in or around one of our many neighborhoods! And for those looking to make a few donations of their own, here’s how you can help. Manna Ministries and Brunswick Animal Shelter will have donation boxes in our Fitness and Wellness Center Until December 10th. Simply stop by and deliver your non-perishable food and pet food for a good cause.

The true spirit of the holidays is in the art of giving!