Inside Look at the Fitness and Wellness Center in 2024

December 22, 2023

Many residents describe The Fitness and Wellness Center in Brunswick Forest as the heart of the community. Oftentimes, you can find people playing a game of mahjong in the lobby. Or a line dancing class taking place in the Leland Room. For those looking to stay fit and healthy, the center offers many opportunities to do so.

Since its completion in 2007, the center has seen numerous changes and updates. Dive in as the Fitness and Wellness team highlights their favorite moments of this year and offers a sneak peek into what awaits us in 2024. 

2023 Highlights

It’s safe to say that many memories were made this year. Annual resident events such as the Cardboard Boat Regatta and Tailgate Party brought the community together in the spirit of working together and friendly competition. During the summer, the main fitness and wellness center pool hosted many nights filled with music and dancing. 

The Fitness and Wellness Center also underwent a drastic change this year with a gym renovation! Residents can now enjoy newly updated equipment, new flooring, and a fresh paint job. The new gym looks sleek and modern for 2024. Fans of pickleball and tennis will have also noticed a resurfacing job done at the outdoor courts. 

Looking Forward 

Taylor Merrit, assistant manager at Fitness and Wellness, had this to say about the new year. 

“Our team is certainly looking forward to the “sprucing up” of the main FWC lobby in 2024. We have plans to get new curtains, flooring, and other new features to continue modernizing the main fitness center’s lobby. Our team is also looking forward to planning new fun events, as well as seeing more friendly faces in the upcoming year!”

Residents can also look forward to annual events that are an integral part of the Brunswick Forest culture. The planning for the 2024 Cardboard Boat Regatta is already in place, and something everyone will be excited about come April. 

New Faces in Brunswick Forest

For those new to the community, a great way to take advantage of the amenities in Brunswick Forest is to stop at the Fitness and Wellness Center front desk. Not only is this facility staffed to assist residents with any questions they might have – but the reception area is filled with all kinds of information such as Resident Sponsored Activity sheets, Class Schedules, a calendar of the monthly events, etc. Because residents have access to these resources, they can fully take advantage of their wide range of amenities here in Brunswick Forest.

Are you looking to connect with other residents? The center often hosts cookbook clubs, theme parties, and other activities that would be most enjoyed with a new friendly neighbor. 

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