Everything’s Better with Family and Friends

August 25, 2023
4 older people enjoying coffee on the porch

Living life to the fullest is all about spending time with the people you love. Whether you’re at a family holiday celebration or a weekend away with your best friends, the love of community is priceless. Some folks who are considering a post-retirement move to an active adult community worry about leaving behind family and friends. But why leave them behind? Communities like Brunswick Forest have plenty of gorgeous homes. Plus, there are new, stunning homes being built all the time. Why not bring your community with you?

If you’re already a resident of Brunswick Forest, you know the incredible benefits of living on the Carolina coast. You understand the beauty of the woodland, the joy of a stroll down a path to the swimming pool or grabbing a coffee with friends at The Villages Town Center. Don’t let your family and friends waste time Googling “master-planned communities near me..” Instead, direct them to the magnificence of the Carolina coastline. After all, everything’s better with family and friends!

Invite Everyone on a Tour

Your friends and family don’t have to take your word for it. Invite them for a tour! At the end of the day, everyone is looking for something a little bit different. That’s why it helps to see and experience a space for yourself. It’s also why Brunswick Forest offers the option of booking a Coastal Discovery Tour. Anyone who signs up for a Coastal Discovery Package enjoys three days of exploration and fun — complete with a two-night stay at a fabulous hotel in nearby Historic Downtown Wilmington, NC. They’ll also get an “Owner-for-the-Day” Pass, allowing them to access all amenities, and a VIP Tour of Brunswick Forest with one of our licensed real estate agents.

What could be a better way to show your family and friends all that’s wonderful about coastal living?

The Referral Program Makes Things Easy

If you’re concerned about the logistics of connecting your family and friends with the team at Brunswick Forest, put your worries aside. We don’t want you to spend time navigating emails when you could be kayaking or playing a round of pickleball. There’s actually a useful referral program residents can use to connect their loved ones to Brunswick Forest pros. The Property Owner Referral Program is easy to use. Just fill out a straightforward online form and ensure your loved ones are in good hands.

Friends and Family Can Join Local Events

One great way for folks to see what life on the North Carolina coast is like is to attend our Coastal Showcase Event weekends. This is an opportunity to sample the lifestyle, tour model homes, and get feel like a local for a few days. Our October Showcase Event will be taking place October 5 –8 so make sure to let your loved ones know to reserve their spot. Some resident events are also a great time to invite your guests as well. Such as our Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta which is a sight to behold. Whatever the flavor of fun, once they’ve had a taste they may want to stay and be your neighbor! 

Living on 4,500 acres of spectacular woodland, complete with all the amenities you need for a life of fun and activity, is a blessing. And it’s one you can share with loved ones, both original and chosen family. There’s nothing better than laughing with those you love. Invite them to try on the coastal life for a couple of days. Who knows? You may soon be living the dream — together. 

family of four enjoying smores at an eventIf you know someone who’s looking for retirement villages on the North Carolina coast, use the Property Owner Referral Program to help them find the best one out there. The team at Brunswick Forest is dedicated to finding happy families the homes of their dreams. Get in touch today at 866-832-114 to learn more about available properties and upcoming events.