Builder Spotlight With Bell Custom Homes

December 7, 2023

When you walk into your home at the end of a long day, what do you feel? Relief? Familiarity? Comfort? All those and more are the feelings that really make a house a home. It’s a place where you can put your feet up, let your hair down, and relax into a calm state of being.

That feeling of belonging is the essence of what Bell Custom Homes (BCH) is in the business of creating, and it shows. “I’ve been in my home for just over two years now and I’m just as happy with everything as the day I moved in,” says John M, who worked with BCH to craft his first single-family home, “Even two years later when I have a question or concern, I can still turn to [BCH] for input.”

Building a house is about more than the walls and roof — when done right, a new home will always be greater than the sum of its parts. BCH founder and builder, Cress Bell, knows this in his bones. That’s why he insists on both the excellence of the materials and processes, and on a customer-forward process that uplifts the needs and desires of any homeowner.

There’s a reason folks are pleased with their Bell Custom Homes design. It was created in partnership with the client, using world-class techniques. As John M says, “The only mistake you’ll make in choosing a builder for your new home would be not choosing Cress Bell.” That’s exactly why the Brunswick Forest team is in partnership with Bell Custom Homes and trusts them to craft perfect homes for their residents. 

The Bell Custom Homes Signature Style

The Bell Custom Homes team has created an array of beautiful designs for their clients to peruse and customize. The Oak Hill, for example, is a spacious design with oodles of natural light and a gorgeous wraparound porch. Then there’s the Saltmeadow, taller and more stately, but equally generous in space, light, and comfort. There’s a strong throughline that connects all the designs, though, and that’s the unique meeting point of luxurious and classic styles. Whether it’s in the ceiling beams or the open-concept kitchen, Bell Custom Homes’ designs successfully marry the simplicity of classic home design with magnificent materials that make any homeowner feel pampered.

Speaking of homeowners, clients can customize everything from the door handles to the floorboards, and BCH professionals count on them doing so! An explicit part of the collaborative process is to present a proposal to homeowners for their comments and approval. 

An In-Person Design Experience

These days, a lot happens over the web, but some things are just better in person. The professional team at BCH knows the value of examining the sheen of the tile or feeling the grain of the wood. How could you possibly choose the exact right design elements for your dream home without seeing them with your own eyes? That’s why BCH has launched a New Design Center in one of their models, a lovely Blue Heron IV that stands among the lush greenery of Brunswick Forest .

When you step into the design center, you’ll be greeted by a friendly face as one of BCH’s team members walks you through all your options. Maybe you have your heart set on a specific color palette, or maybe you have no idea where to start envisioning your new home. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Our experts make the journey to a modern house of your own making a breeze. 

Premium Portfolio Plans

Not everyone wants a custom home, built with specific made-to-order design features. Some folks look at the gorgeous builds on offer at Brunswick Forest or on the Bell Custom Homes site and see a ready-made home of their dreams! For those who would rather skip the design process, there’s good news, too. BCH and other partner builders have models that are built and available for viewing and purchase. Plans include roomy three-bed, four-bath gems like the Monty alongside bigger options, like the sprawling four bedroom, four bath home that is the Brookfield Cottage.

With plenty of prebuilt models, you could call a BCH home yours faster than you can say “Coastal Living.” That’s one of the best things about working with a master-planned community like Brunswick Forest — there are always breathtaking new properties available. You, too, can join the active adults who are enjoying forest views, kayaks, and a slew of other fabulous amenities, all while living in style.  

If you’re ready to dive into the magic of a Bell Custom Home, reach out today to learn more. Time is of the essence — BCH is offering spectacular new buyer incentives for those who contract with them before 2024! Our team of experts loves helping new residents discover all that’s wonderful about living in coastal Carolina. Get in touch today at 866-831-8289 to learn more about available properties