Brunswick Forest. A Great Place to Spend Outdoors

March 3, 2021

Spring is so close and our team at Brunswick Forest is super excited about even warmer temperatures. You can feel it in the air and can see the buds appearing on the local foliage. Soon, everything will be in full bloom both in nature and our community outdoor activities. Brunswick Forest provides plenty of amenities to enjoy the great outdoors daily. But there are a lot of options in your own home at Brunswick Forest that allows for outdoor enjoyment as well.

What makes for great homes in our area are a few options to help you better soak up that warm springtime sun. Brunswick Forest knows that outdoor enjoyment is very important in one’s quality of life. Sunlight provides you with more vitamin D, and fresh air helps to invigorate your lungs and body. It is all about that good Carolina energy, and we have homes that are designed to take advantage of where our residents live.

One of the most popular features offered by our building partners is the ability to have screened-in porches. We have dozens of models in several neighborhoods with this feature, and they provide a lot of benefits for warmer weather experiences. Sometimes a homeowner might want to enjoy the outdoors without being too far outside. Screened-in porches or lanais provide you with a comfortable setting to get some fresh air, host guests, and take in our natural surroundings without any worry of the outdoors intruding into your home! Sometimes these patios may leave areas open for a gas fire pit, ceiling fan, extra seating options, or even a place to install an extra television outside. Screened porches allow you to enjoy Southeastern North Carolina, most months of the year and are seamlessly integrating that into your home.

Ample patio space is important no matter where you live, but down South, it is even more important. Why? Because enjoying the outdoors is a massive part of our local culture. The idea of wearing flip-flops and firing up the grill before March is a concept that is unheard of for many people living in the Northeast or Midwest. But here a Brunswick Forest this is just part of being Coastal By Nature®. Homes at Brunswick Forest offer ample areas to place chairs, umbrellas, fire pits, and even a pool in certain neighborhoods. For most homes, there’s ample space to play easy outdoor activities like Cornhole.

Firepits help to create a welcoming ambiance as you listen to nature’s bustle in the backdrop. Pools are a great outlet for fun, relaxation, and exercise. And even though our community has plenty of amenities to satisfy these outdoor desires, (like Cape Fear National golf and our 100+ miles of walking/biking trails) there are times where you just want to enjoy nature from the comfort of your home. Enjoy a Coastal By Nature® lifestyle at Brunswick Forest.