Analyzing the Golf Swing with Head Pro, Adam Clark

November 9, 2017
Beth Burgee

We dive into the golf swing with our Cape Fear National Head Pro, Adam Clark.  Adam believes in the KISS Theory- Keep It Simple Silly!

First, start by taking a deep breath to get centered and focused.  Next, line up your feet to the golf ball – you are looking for your feet and the golf ball to be parallel to each other.  Take a quick practice swing.  If you notice any extra movement in your swing, do your best to eliminate the extra wiggle.  It will only take away from your accuracy and distance.  Lastly, get prepped for your BIG SWING.

Feet parallel to the ball – check!

Shoulders parallel to the ball as well – check, check!!

Head down, align your club head to the target, deep breath…

And, SWING!!

For more tips like these, visit our Cape Fear National YouTube channel or call the clubhouse to schedule a lesson with Head Pro, Adam Clark, 910.383.3283.

We look forward to seeing you out on the course.