A Year with Wells Insurance

June 20, 2023

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year since we welcomed a new partnership with Wells Insurance. Between on-site account exec Samantha Maynor’s warm connections with Brunswick Forest residents and Wells Insurance’s long standing experience in the region. It feels like we’ve been partners from the start. 

Choosing Wells Insurance Is Choosing Well

Your home is not only one of the most expensive assets you will ever own, but it’s your safe space. It deserves to be protected properly–secure and insured–during a possible worst-case scenario. 

That’s how we know that Wells Insurance is the obvious best choice as the exclusive insurance agency for our new residents. Wells has served the local area for over 100 years and is still going strong. And they share Brunswick Forest’s values of excellent customer service and treating people with respect. 

With a variety of carrier options and the experience to advise you in making the best decisions for your individual lifestyle and assets. Wells Insurance gives you the peace of mind to get back to enjoying daily life. 

A Deeper Connection with Brunswick Forest

Aerial view of Brunswick Forest welcome center

Provided by Wells Insurance

For Brunswick Forest, partnering with Wells Insurance was the clear choice. And it turns out that account executive Samantha Maynor feels just the same way about us. 

Working exclusively with Brunswick Forest residents allows Maynor to get to know members of the Brunswick Forest community personally. Not to mention becoming intimately aware of their individual insurance needs: “Residents can feel comfortable that they are working with an advisor who understands the Brunswick Forest community inside and out. Benefitting from Wells Insurance’s carrier options,” she says. 

Additionally, this deeper connection hasn’t just been helpful for residents. “Partnering with Brunswick Forest Real Estate has benefited Wells Insurance by providing us with the opportunity to be an integrated part of the Brunswick Forest community,” she says. 

“This partnership allows us to work face-to-face with new homeowners. Like helping them navigate the various insurance options and considerations in the coastal Carolinas. We strive to make the process as seamless and efficient as possible when purchasing a new home.”

So, if you’re interested in moving to Brunswick Forest and wish to be a part of our Coastal by Nature® lifestyle, the friendly folks at Wells Insurance are here to help with their wide range of carriers and local experience. 

Give us a call at 866-832-1141 for more information about our partnership with Wells Insurance or make an appointment online.