A Neat Yard Makes for A Perfect Project! Spring Yard Grooming Tips

April 14, 2021

Sometimes all it takes is a few days of spring rain for flowers, shrubs, and grass to have a noticeable growth spurt. And the last thing you want is an unmanageable yard. Keeping things tidy will help save time and give you zero headaches compared to something that becomes consistently overgrown. Your yard says a lot about where you live, so here are a few tips to help keep your outdoor space looking great!

Dead or Damaged Branches? Prune Them Off!

You might think this would apply only to shrubs or trees after winter has just ended, but sudden cold snaps, wind, and heavy rain can also damage branches in your yard. The key is to remove those dead or damaged pieces from your plants. By doing so, you will not only make the yard look more appealing to the eye, but also encourage new healthy growth. A simple sharpened pair of hand pruners can help with this task. Manual pruners often can be more beneficial than electronic ones because they don’t leave a lot of debris on your plants. Which can block valuable sunlight, especially with shrubs.

Make Sure You Keep Those Beds Clean!

When you go to sleep at night, it’s safe to say you value a clean bed. Well, your plants feel the same way! Even in the Spring, it is important to keep your plant beds free and clear of any debris. Leaves, flower petals, stems from dead tree flowers, and any sort of branches or leaves must go to give your plants some breathing room. Break out the wheelbarrow and rake, then start cleaning anything out from your beds. You can also rake away dead grass or anything else that you feel is unnecessary in your yard.

Patios and Pathways Matter Too!

They might not be living or growing, but your patio is a big part of how your yard looks to others. Front pathways and porches should also get your attention during spring. If you have gravel or pebbles in between pathway pavers that have become dislodged this can make your yard look messy. You can refill these spaces with different types of filler to match what you already have in your yard. Examples include different types of pea gravel, mulch, stone, or brick chips. Keep weeds out of your pavers and make sure the tops of your pathways are clear. This is especially important during spring rainstorms. Rain is good for your plants but can also displace mulch and other debris from where they are supposed to be.

Deadhead Flowers!

Just like with damaged branches on shrubs, once a bush of flowers has begun to die, don’t be afraid to help nature out by plucking off dead buds. This helps to keep the plants healthy and encourages new growth over the season.

Flowers, shrubs, and trees, all need a little tender love and care. But too much-unrestrained growth can be just as unhealthy for your yard. By following some of these simple tips, you’ll not only do your plants a favor, but you will have more pride in how your yard looks to others! With such mild temperatures here in greater Wilmington and Brunswick Forest, gardening and yard maintenance is a big part of the culture here. So, get out there and give your yard the attention it deserves!