Valued Features of Brunswick Forest Homes

December 20, 2019


As a broker, you might already have a good understanding of what clients prospecting Southeastern North Carolina are looking for in a home. Here at Brunswick Forest, there are a variety of homes spread out amongst many unique neighborhoods. Our community is close to downtown Wilmington, has easy access to nearby beaches and convenient medical services only minutes away. On top of all that, there are even more factors that make the homes at Brunswick Forest such great investments. Builder Liaison Lynn Crawford gives the latest scoop on what features are vital to point out for today’s home buyers.

Brunswick Forest is one of the most unique master planned residential developments in coastal North Carolina. There’s a good reason why the community here has such a strong appeal to home buyers, and that’s because they have exactly what people are looking for,” Lynn tells us.

For starters, home buyers are looking for variety in today’s modern marketplace. If variety is considered the spice of life, then Brunswick Forest can be considered the hottest place you can retire to. “There’s 13 preferred building partners here, with an average of 24 home models on display at any given time,” she says. Because no two people have the same needs or desires, the wide variety of building options means Brunswick Forest can match any wish list for a unique dream home goal. If your client has a mental picture of what they’re looking for, then they can find the perfect match here.

“Home buyers are also looking for customization, and the need to craft their own floorplans to best suit their lifestyles. Most people think of custom homes as being full of upgrades, but all our builders can work with buyers on various features to get exactly what they’re looking for,” Lynn continues. “The major selling point here, is that Brunswick Forest is one of the few communities in the area to allow for any construction changes.” Potential home buyers can also look forward to the great amount of unique design features available to reflect coastal living. Your clients can choose from expansive lanais, sliding doors that allow for an airy living space, large front porches and open floor plans. “These sorts of features are a rare sight in colder climates, and people moving to Brunswick Forest often get excited seeing these features for the first time. First floor master bedrooms are also highly desirable feature and add plenty of value to our homes,” says Lynn.

More than anything else, Brunswick Forest is a community that perfectly reflects the sort of lifestyle that people are aiming for. Having multiple pools, a staffed fitness center, walking trails and other amenities close by are all a part of the added value brokers can teach clients about. “In this area, Brunswick Forest is unequaled. Convenient access to medical services, shopping, golf and even resident sponsored activities is all part of the home buying experience,” Lynn exclaims. New residents get to try new activities, bond with new people and make new friends.

These advantages don’t just add real estate value to the homes at Brunswick Forest, they lead to new residents adopting our community as their forever home and not just another place to live! Have questions regarding the homes and builders here at Brunswick Forest? You can contact us at: 855.983.9579