Tuning into Film and Theater

November 23, 2016
Katie McAlick

Home to Screen Gem Studios and one of the hottest film scenes, Wilmington is often deemed Hollywood East. From film festivals to classic ballet, explore all the area has to offer in film and theater. Even catch a stand-up comedy show! Whatever you’re looking for, Wilmington and the local area has the best in entertainment for you.


Screen Gem Studios has produced a number of iconic movies and T.V. shows, including Iron Man 3, One Tree Hill, and Dawson’s Creek. With ten stages, an inventory of state-of-the-art equipment and fifty acres of property, Screen Gems is the perfect place to step behind the scenes and take a tour! After that, take on the town and explore the local film festivals in the Wilmington area. The most exuberant of these festivals, Cucalorus, highlights the best in small films every fall season.


Whether you’re looking for holiday fun with the kids, an exquisite ballet for a romantic night or a load of laughs from a comedy show, stay connected with what’s going on in the Wilmington area in film and theater.