December 28, 2012
Brunswick Forest

A New Year is upon us and with 2013 comes the ever worrisome New Year’s resolutions. If you are stumped on choosing and satisfying the right resolution, look no further! We have compiled tips to help you get a jump on those resolutions and to help you check them off your list!

1.Reflect– Remember 2012’s successes and failures and think of changes that could have been made, new ambitions to strive for, and anything in between.

2.Pick a goal that is worth striving for– Challenge yourself in 2013, but do not choose a resolution or goal that is impossible to reach.

3.Make a plan– Map out your route to success for your chosen New Year’s resolution. Add in milestone marks that will signify small goals that have been reached along the way.

4.Work as a team– Although your New Year’s resolution may be a one man show, it never hurts to have a couple of cheerleaders on the sidelines! Make sure to have a couple of friends or family members at your side that can help you along the way to resolution success!

5.Stay focused– Keep daily, weekly, and monthly reminders of your end goal to help keep you on track along the journey.

6.Enjoy the sweet taste of success!

Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous New Year!