tips for the tastiest holiday treats!

December 19, 2012
Brunswick Forest


Melted chocolate, crunchy peppermint, sweet caramel, and toasted almonds are just a few ingredients that are sure to make your holiday baking expeditions grand! Make the most savory treats for your Brunswick Forest friends and neighbors to try by using our best baking tips!

1. Start with the best ingredients. If your recipe calls for butter, make sure that it is cold!

2. Always keep eggs at room temperature. This helps mix all ingredients together for the best results.

3. If you are making cookies, the best-kept secret for keeping each sweet treat the same consistency is to add a small scoop of ice cream!

4. As with most baking, make sure to keep a watchful eye on sweet snacks in the oven so they cook to perfection without over-cooking!

Happy baking and enjoy!


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