the new year brings a new addition to our builder team!

December 27, 2012
Brunswick Forest

With each New Year brings new opportunities and at Brunswick Forest we are excited to welcome another strong area builder to our already outstanding builder team in 2013. Logan Homes will be bringing customized quality craftsmanship to our community in the New Year! Jerry Helms, Director of Sales, comments on Brunswick Forest’s newest addition, “Brunswick Forest is committed to excellence which is why Logan Homes is such a perfect fit for our builder team. They share the same level of commitment and professionalism.”

Logan Homes has built over one thousand homes in the Greater Wilmington and Leland areas and they take pride in the quality of their product as well as customer satisfaction. Brunswick Forest is thrilled to have Logan Homes joining the ranks of the Coastal South’s fastest growing community! Look for new Logan-built homes in the Walden and Cape Fear National neighborhoods in the coming year.