the grass is always greener at brunswick forest

March 21, 2013
Brunswick Forest

Temperatures are on the rise here in Brunswick Forest and there couldn’t be a better time to get out and enjoy the greener grass in Brunswick Forest!


Dust off the cobwebs and shake out your picnic blankets because spring time is upon us! Outdoor activities are abundant in Brunswick Forest and spring offers the perfect time of year to enjoy our ideal North Carolina climate. Take a bike ride with your neighbor or pack a picnic lunch to enjoy in one of our many pocket parks!



Kick back and enjoy the 70 degree temperatures that are felt throughout the year in the backyard of your Brunswick Forest home. As you step out of your patio doors, you are met with lush green grass, chirping birds, bright sunlight and the settling feeling of relaxation. The Brunswick Forest community exemplifies mature natural landscaping and with maintenance-free lawn care, you can truly appreciate the outdoors. Take pleasure in your personal outdoor oasis, whether it involves colorful flower arrangements or an outdoor fireplace. Either way, you will definitely find that the grass is always greener at Brunswick Forest!


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