Our Success


David Kubes is the greatest! He helped us with the purchase and sale of our townhome in Brunswick Forest and then the purchase of our dream home!
He is someone you can trust and will not ever pressure you into buying anything you do not want.

David Bobbitt

Sometimes you just don’t have the words to explain how much you can appreciate someone.. that is you, Kim Fanelli. You are absolutely amazing. Thank you for all you have done for the Toler/ Reynolds family.

Beth Reynolds Toler

We really enjoyed working with Denis. He listened very well to what we had to say then pointed us in the right direction.

The Ivankevich Family

Patrick Crean is the absolute best person to work with. He helped us with our new home.

Greg Frost

We love Judson! He has been so helpful and patient! The best!!!!

Susan McAvoy

A TRUE GENTLEMAN! Where I come from that is the highest compliment you can make, and I couldn’t think of a better man. As many of you know there are plenty of places to live and build in the area, but Brett was well informed of the what Brunswick Forest and the Wilmington area had to offer and Very Well Informed of our needs. I am happy to say (thanks in large part to Brett), we will be moving into our brand new dream house in October… Thank You Brett!

Matt Brennan

After we toured Brunswick Forest, we felt at home. Wilmington is quite cosmopolitan with a wide range of activities and people.

The Goodmans