May 6, 2011
Brunswick Forest

“Sweet Home Carolina…” is not quite how the classic Lynyrd Skynyrd tune goes, but it’s the tune four of our latest property owners are singing!
Terri and Al Young and Joan Ozdogan and Mishu (her new love), joined us for the Brunswick Forest Food & Wine Festival. They ate, drank, enjoyed the festivities and it soon became apparent to us how inseparable these four were. We soon learned that Joan and Terri have been best friends since that one special day in 8th grade…they grew up together, worked together and Joan was even in Terri and Al’s wedding! These two have shared many memories throughout their lives and now as retirement approaches they want to continue to share these memories.
It was during our Food & Wine Festival that their search for side-by-side retirement properties ended! They chose homesites 36 and 37 in the beautiful, low country themed neighborhood of Evangeline.
We are so happy to welcome this friendly foursome to the Brunswick Forest family and let’s all join them as they sing, “Sweet Home Carolina…Where the skies are so blue!”