Sales Agent Spotlight: Brett Russell

September 20, 2019


Sales executive, Brett Russell, first moved to the Wilmington area in 2004, enjoying life on the coast alongside his wife and four kids. “I originally grew up in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area and I had always felt drawn to real estate,” Brett tells us. During the 1990s Brett had a friend reach out to him regarding the real estate opportunities in Southeastern North Carolina. “My friend originally was working in the St. James area, and I was intrigued enough to follow his advice and see everything for myself. I worked in real estate at River Landing originally, but when Brunswick Forest first started around 2007, the area really caught my eye. I then knew that if there was to be any master-planned community that would be perfect for people, it was this one.”

Brett has been a loyal member of the Brunswick Forest team ever since, and has also developed a deep passion for the surrounding area. For Brett, his enthusiasm for Brunswick Forest and the Wilmington area is more to him than just his job. “It’s always a great experience for me to share my personal story of why Brunswick Forest is an amazing community. Many people up North are looking to relocate due to cold weather, high taxes and other personal reasons. Helping them along their path to explore new communities is a great opportunity that I enjoy.” Having the chance to meet new people and help aspiring homeowners is Brett’s favorite part of the job. “You’re not just talking about the advantages of Brunswick Forest; I’m helping to make a difference in people’s lives. That part is so important to me,” he adds.

Brett also conveyed how he loves the feeling of a team experience with his fellow agents. He highlights how everyone at Brunswick Forest is caring, and more like a family. “Brunswick Forest is one of the best working environments I’ve experienced. The location, community and opportunities that the area provides, makes this place really special,” he concludes.

New opportunities await those looking to move to Brunswick Forest. For people like Brett Russell and many others, Brunswick Forest is a community that must be experienced in person for you to believe. Aspiring residents interested in our community can also ask about Brunswick Forest’s Coastal Discovery Package. Brett and the top-notch team of sales executives at Brunswick Forest can be reached at: 866-832-1141, 910-371-2434 or