July 10, 2012
Brunswick Forest

Living and Prospering in Brunswick Forest

Opportunity and the chance to make a difference is why Dr. Roc McCarthy came to the New Hanover Regional Medical Center at Brunswick Forest. After receiving a Master’s Degree in Kidney Physiology from the University of Georgia, a Doctoral Degree from Pikeville College, and fulfilling his residency at the Detroit Medical Center, Dr. McCarthy decided to make Brunswick Forest home for his practice and his family.

Dr. McCarthy has witnessed the large scale growth of New Hanover Regional Medical Center and Brunswick Forest first hand, since being the first occupant in the medical center building.

“New Hanover Regional Medical Center has enabled countless patients to benefit from the medical services available at the Brunswick Forest location and I feel fortunate to be a part of that,” says Dr. McCarthy.

Dr. McCarthy has developed a tight-knit client base here in Brunswick Forest and continues to grow his referrals. Dr. McCarthy knows that the key to long-term success is referrals and acceptance from patients, and since beginning in Brunswick Forest, he has enjoyed and appreciated the supportive network felt from clients as well as community residents.

The Villages at Brunswick Forest is home to New Hanover Regional Medical Center located just 10 minutes from downtown Wilmington, making a quick doctor visit a cinch. Dr. McCarthy finds that New Hanover Regional Medical Center is extremely accessible for all his clients, whether they are from the Leland area, Wilmington, or anywhere else. Dr. McCarthy enjoys living and working in Brunswick Forest, and hopes to continue to help patients in the years to come.