September 10, 2013
Brunswick Forest

With the fall season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to have some fun, decorate, and try your hand at some do-it-yourself (DIY) projects! In the fall, Brunswick Forest, is a beautiful compilation of yellow and orange leaved trees and clear blue fall skies. We have rounded up a great list of quick and easy fall projects to help bring the fall Brunswick Forest season to a flourishing start!

1.Fall DIY frames- Frame up the fall season with this easy fall décor piece. All you need is a picture frame and your choice of autumn colored leaves. Simply attach your leaves to the frame backing paper with double sided adhesive and flatten between two heavy books. Finally, add the frame backing back to the frame and seal it up! View the entire tutorial here.

2.Not your average pumpkin- This one DIY has many uses! Grab a pumpkin (either fake or real) and chalkboard paint. Paint your pumpkin with the chalkboard paint and wait until it is fully dry. Next, create the perfect fall message on your chalkboard style pumpkin with chalk! Learn all the pumpkin tricks to this DIY here.

3.Colorful garland accents- Take a new approach to your fall décor by bringing the beautiful fall accents inside! All you need is a few autumn leaves, about 6 or 8, and twine. String the twine through the leaves for a bright and fall forward design that you can hang anywhere! Check out the simple approach to this fall project here!

For even more fall inspiration, check out our Fall DIY décor Pinterest board!