May 15, 2013
Brunswick Forest


Answer: Yes! At, Brunswick Forest many of our amenities are focused towards living an active outdoor lifestyle which welcomes pet lovers and pet owners alike! Located just outside of beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina, Brunswick Forest comes to life and offers resident pet owners an immense amount of activities to keep their pets happy and healthy!
Brunswick Forest is a pet friendly community
With 100+ miles of walking and biking trails that weave throughout Brunswick Forest’s picturesque neighborhoods, your pets will undoubtedly have a blast exploring all that the community has to offer! Take your doggy on the boardwalks that meet the curves of many of the trails set along the community’s pathways and discover what coastal North Carolina beauty truly looks like! Join in on the fun at Brunswick Forest’s very own Bark Park where small dogs and big dogs can romp around all day or visit one of the many pocket parks that are located throughout the community.

Veterinary Center with Dogs
Brunswick Forest veterinary
Brunswick Forest’s pet friendly community is also reinforced with the Brunswick Forest Veterinary Hospital located in The Villages shopping center. Keep your furry, feathered, or feline friends healthy with the help of the knowledgeable staff at Brunswick Forest Veterinary which provides stellar service to all guests!

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