January 8, 2013
Brunswick Forest

By Jim Houghton, as published the Winter 2013 Ideal Living Magazine

Ready to make the move, but need to sell your home first?

Here are the TOP 5 TIPS to move your property quickly.

Remove Clutter & Get Organized

Remove excess items such as furniture, personal items, and your “stuff” from all rooms, especially kitchen counters, closets, and bedrooms. Do not cram everything into closets, instead get them organized and make them look spacious! Store excess items away from the home or sell, donate or recycle them. Community garage sales work well.

Create Curb Appeal

Buyers often do a “drive-by” before scheduling an appointment to see inside. Concentrate on the exterior of the house, which may need a fresh look: paint, power-wash and fix or replace those old shutters. Do simple landscaping: remove and replace dead plantings, trim shrubs, add mulch and flowers. Keep the grass mowed. Start fertilizing now! Also, seal or repair driveways.

Project To-Do List

Your Realtor should create a prioritized room-by-room maintenance list including cost estimates and partner with you as a “project team” to get your home ready. Buyers subtract two to three times the actual cost of getting things fixed yourself, so the investment is well worth it. Start with cosmetics such as paint and flooring. Common project lists include: kitchens and bathrooms; cabinetry in need of repair, and doors or windows.

Hire a Professional, Full-time Realtor

Hire a realtor based on their ability to identify & deliver you qualified buyers. Make sure you hire a full-time professional Realtor, not someone who sells homes on the side. Ask about support they have behind the scenes: advertising, appointment scheduling, mortgage, contractors, inspections, legal documentation, etc.—make sure they are not a one-person show! Your realtor must be tech-savvy to work effectively!

Price It Right

Make sure your Realtor fully assesses the market at the time you are ready to “Go Live.” Do not use the appraisal you obtained two years ago when you refinanced, or what says (usually way off target). If you are 6-12 months+ away from selling, your agent should create a pricing analysis now, then again the day before you hit the market. If priced too high, you will only help to sell your competition and your home will sit on the market for an extended period.

Article Credit by: Ideal Living Magazine