April 25, 2013
Brunswick Forest

Brunswick Forest’s prime location and close proximity to major transportation options allows residents to travel with ease. Whether you are traveling to New York City or just a trip to Bald Head Island, planes, trains, and ferry boats make it a cinch! The Brunswick Forest community is located just 10 minutes from beautiful Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina a city that has all the stops!

Begin and end your jet set at Wilmington International Airport, located just 20 minutes from Brunswick Forest! When you fly with Wilmington International Airport you will experience southern hospitality taken to new heights. With non-stop service to major cities like New York City, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Washington D.C, ILM airport makes getting where you need to go convenient and easy!

Grab your bags and catch a train to your next destination! With Amtrak train stations scattered throughout the state including Raleigh, North Carolina, traveling by train is affordable and relaxing. With the capital city only two hours away from Brunswick Forest, boarding the train to your city of choice is no sweat! Travel to many cities throughout the south, northeast and many places in between with ease of mind!

Just another great perk of living on the North Carolina coast is the ability to travel by ferry boat! Transportation by ferry boat in southeastern NC dates back all the way to the mid-1920s and traveling by ferry boat is still popular in this region! Visit and explore places along the coast via ferry boats like Fort Fisher, Southport, and Bald Head Island!

Planes, trains, and ferry boats will take you to your destination of choice and bring you back home with ease to Wilmington and Brunswick Forest!


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