Optimized with Fiber Optics: ATMC at Brunswick Forest

March 8, 2021

Now more than ever, having quick communication services is vital for your home, business, and just about every activity in your lives. The speed of your internet connection, streaming services, and other products is an asset that most of us take for granted. We use it in our phones, our homes, our office spaces, and so on. But at master-planned communities like Brunswick Forest, living “stress-free” is the way we want you to be. Therefore, our homes are wired through a top local provider, ATMC. Director of Business Development, Kris Ward, takes some time to speak on the advantages of Fiber Optics.

Kris Ward has been working at ATMC for 16 years and prides himself on upholding a legacy of company service that spans 66 years in the making. Created as a telephone cooperative to serve Brunswick County, North Carolina, ATMC was created during a time when most of the area did not even have telephone service. What a change to where we are now, don’t you think?

“Brunswick County has seen explosive growth,” says Kris “And as it has grown, ATMC has evolved to provide the services needed to meet our customers’ communications and entertainment needs.” In a modern setting, that includes a lot of internet options. ATMC provides a whole wealth of services to their customers, being the first company to offer Gigabit residential internet service. What does this all mean? It means the area has gone from not having telephone service to having some of the most technologically advanced fiber-optic services in the Southeast. ATMC has become one of the largest 100% fiber-optic services in the region. They provide high-speed internet, digital cable, streaming video, digital voice, and home security, just to name a few of their products. All of which are provided or offered to homes and residents living in Brunswick Forest. “But the biggest difference between ATMC and other communications companies is our commitment to serving our customers. We are a local company, and while technology is what we offer, we know the care we provide and the attention to meeting our customers’ needs is what lifts ATMC above the competition,” Kris says.

What does that mean for Brunswick Forest? It means less hassle and more enjoyment for everyone living here or looking to make their forever home there. Kris himself feels that everything in our community is first-rate, so it only made sense to have a communication service that was excellent as well. “Brunswick Forest offers excellent amenities and a top-notch lifestyle, and FOCUS fiber optic broadband from ATMC fits that description.” Conversion into fiber optics at Brunswick Forest began in 2014, as it was clear to ATMC that residents moving to the area would be expecting nothing less than something that was on par with, if not better, than what they had in larger metropolitan areas. This fact was very important to consider when patterning with our community to provide the best possible living experience and meet demand.

This is advantageous for Brunswick Forest residents, because as Kris notes, “When you have fiber optics available, you know you’re getting the very best network available today that is capable of providing the fastest upload and download speeds with unmatched reliability. And, because fiber optics is almost limitless in its capacity to provide speed, it is the very best foundation for meeting the increasing speed demands for decades to come.”

Kris goes on further to explain why ATMC’s fiber optics were the perfect match for our community by saying, “ATMC is uniquely positioned to serve the folks of Brunswick Forest because of our technology and our people. Our FOCUS fiber optic network can meet the ever-increasing bandwidth needs of our customers, and our people offer an unparalleled level of attention to our customer’s needs. We are a local company that prides itself in giving back to our community, and we take serving our customers very seriously.”

For those who wish to know more information, ATMC has an office conveniently located in the neighborhood at The Villages Town Center. Residents and aspiring homeowners can stop by and talk with their team. There is more than one reason to make your forever home with us here at Brunswick Forest, so why not check us out for yourself? Get a taste of our lifestyle through a Coastal Discovery Tour, visit us during a Coastal Home Showcase weekend, or contact our team at 833-497-1001