now serving wine on tap at the forest

March 1, 2015
Brunswick Forest


CCBY, N Wong,

Cape Fear National’s, The Forest, is on the cutting edge of restaurants trends by now offering wine on tap. Kegged wine, like the wine served at The Forest, is gaining popularity in restaurants worldwide for its superior quality and freshness, and will likely become more commonplace in years to come.

Kegged wine yields a fresher product for the consumer because the wine never touches air until it is served. Wine in kegs is also less susceptible to changes in temperature than bottled wine. Improperly stored bottled wine (in too warm of a location or in direct light) is one of the main reasons why a wine goes bad. With kegged wine, there is also no chance of wine getting ruined due to “bottle shock.”

Serving wine on tap is better for the environment because less packaging is used. Kegged wine also eliminates the need for a cork enclosure, thus not contributing to the worldwide shortage of cork.
Drop by The Forest today for a delicious glass of wine! Currently, the restaurant offers a chilled Matchbook Chardonnay and Matchbook Tempranillo on tap in addition to the full bar and other selection of wines, beers and non-alcoholic beverages.

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